Realistic volume expectations for btc?

With btc trading pairs going live soon, what is the daily minimum volume the community expects to see from day 1? $5000, $10,000, $100,000?

I expect it to be above $0.


May - $110,000 daily
June - $80,000 daily
July - $50,000 daily

Diminishing volume until many more coins are listed and there is actual liquidity in the exchange.

1 Mio + / day after one week of BTC Trading…I am an optimist^^…but given the fact that we had 140k / day in the peak just with some bot, this seems achievable…come on team…community wants to trade…:slight_smile:

The owner of that bot is not returning with the bot to Nash Exchange. He lost over 4k running that bot. Many community members have reported that it is difficult to operate a bot on Nash. So don’t expect anything magical with that.
Don’t have such high expectations. You’ll only get disappointed

What volume do you expect from less than 100 daily users?

thanks for the info…didn’t know that. anyway…I am happy about any Volume…:slight_smile:

R.I.P …it was nice to see that volume. That’s too bad.

1 mil a day from OTC traders putting down the phone and picking up Nash. straight out of the gate


The person who ran the bot

First week - $10-20K/day ($600K/mo)

Liquidity providers slowly increase trade volume (I believe this number is dependent on capital invested by Nash). Curious traders start trading on new BTC pairs.

Sometime in the first month - $250-500K/day ($13M/mo)
Assuming there are no major issues, I see the liquidity providers ramping up their trade volume, with retail traders now exploring and participating in the exchange.

Sometime in the first quarter - $1M-3M/day (up to $100M/mo)
Liquidity providers are up and running, and another two or three key trade pairs are launched. Effective promotion now in place.

Sometime in the first six months - $10-30M/day (up to $1B/mo)
All systems go. Liquidity providers are full steam, new retail traders are onboard, and top 20 tokens (that are Nash eligible) are implemented.


@Trust_Yourselves those volumes were performed by partners of the project, so I don’t know who you are refereeing to. But this is not true, it was not “a person running a bot that lost 4K and is not in Nash anymore”. The same partners continue to operate in Nash and only plan to expand their participation on our markets.


1 mil a day … replacing the old OTC desks connected to MM and liquidity providers.

retail comes in later

our job is to get unique log in counts up on the dismal app charts and throw a few bucks around

be kind and never do that type of assumption without verifiable proof.


It is what the community have been told in the telegram conversations. So I guess what you are saying is that not a single community member ran a bot then?

I hope what you are saying is true, but you cannot disregard the fact that community members may have had bots running.

Anyways, lets hope you’re right :hugs:

I am not being unkind. I just wish people will get their expectations in check. There is not going to be an army of bots being plugged into Nash and running from the launch of BTC. People need to understand, if that was the case, it would have happened by now.

The team are amazing and have been doing great work behind scenes. But the community need to get a reality check. Volume growth is going to be slow. Accept and expect it

@canesin thx for clarification. Come on, you can join community with the volume competition :-). If I rembember right, your guess half year ago was like 100 Mio. / Months by end of April 20 ( lets say 3.33 Mio daily), but as you are the boss, you have one chance to make an adjustment :grin:

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read my post i went bull-tard and didnt mention an army of bots … u can drive high volume off few trades.

i think it might work out few big $$ customers throw their orders over Nash and then smaller guys jump in and then finally retail

Fingers crossed bud. I’m not here to cause trouble or spead false info. It’s just what I have been told.
I will contribute to volume handsomely once the liquidity is there. ATM it is not.

I just dont like to see people getting their hopes up too much.

Nash has amazing fundamentals. Once the liquidity is there, I will be delighted to trade my coins on Nash without fear of getting hacked.

The team know I’ve been a fan for a long time, I’m not trying to cause issues.

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