Put that affiliate reflink to work!

Hi guys,

Many of us are excited by the idea of earning commission via the affiliate program, while at the same time spreading the word about Nash. But it’s easier said than done!

In this post, I compiled different approaches to get your reader’s attention with hope to get everyone going.


Nash just launched their affiliate program. You can read more about it here (offering 50% more commission than other exchanges): https://nash.io/affiliates/

I won’t shill you my referral code, but it’s pinned on my Twitter if you did want to use it.

Credits to @Encephalopath for this one. Quite subtle, not too long yet catchy. Probably recommended if you don’t know the person at all.


Sorry to contact you out of the blue, but since you’re a full-time crypto trader, I wanted to introduce you to Nash. Nash is first and foremost a non-custodial L2 exchange, with a decent selection of pairs: BTC, ETH, NEO, LINK, etc. That’s right, you read correctly: they achieved non-custodial BTC trading (read more here https://blog.nash.io/trade-bitcoin-on-nash-now/).

If you build your own bots, you should definitely check out their repo, especially Openlimits (https://github.com/nash-io/openlimits) and the typescript SDK, which both rely on Nash’s MPC API keys.

Nash is in fact a platform of several products which complete each other: Nash Cash is the fiat ramp, Nash Pay is the payment solution, Nash Savings is a yield farming savings account, etc. NEX is the platform’s token: it’s a security token which allows you to earn 75% on the exchange’s trading fees by staking your tokens. (You can get the full picture here Nash ecosystem).

Since the exchange went live a year ago, the team has been building, but they have now switched to a growth/business development phase and as a result are about to ramp up marketing. In fact they just launched their affiliate program (https://blog.nash.io/nash-affiliates-earn-50-more-commission-than-in-rival-public-programs/). My advice - #NotFinancialAdvice - is to pick up some NEX now, but that’s besides the point. My point is: Nash has great exchange and the fact that it’s fully non-custodial makes me think it could be of interest to you.

Of course, I’m going to give you my reflink in case you’d like to join https://app.nash.io/create-account?code=6ce89F. Your choice to not use it of course :slight_smile: I’d be happy if you simply check Nash out!

This one is quite complete but obviously very long. Maybe best if you know the person or have their attention.

I encourage anyone else who has a pitch idea or draft to post it here: the more we have, the wider the range of templates for other community members to pick from.

In terms of targeting, the bigger the fish, the less likely you are to catch their attention, so my recommendation is to go for smaller accounts or even regular exchange users. Also, the more you can adapt your tweet to the context, the better. For instance, I started from an exchange tweeting about a downtime and targeted disgruntled users like so:

Hey! I’m contacting seemingly angry <name_of_the_exchange> traders in hope to introduce them to an up and coming alternative: Nash.

(N.B: only some Twitter users allow direct messages)

Lastly and this is probably the most important advice here: don’t get discouraged by rejection. It’ll happen more often than not. Don’t be bitter or try to force your opinion on the person or have the last word. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and even if they pass today, they might revisit your conversation a few days/weeks later if they hear about Nash again.

Nash army, assemble! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Good post. I would like to add that when promoting the referral program itself, it might be good to mention the fact that the 6months period only starts with the first trading activity of the referred user.
So people dont get distracted by the low volume we have atm and see that it might very well be suited to get rewards when growth happens.

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When contacting people with a larger following, I’d start by analyzing their idiosyncrasies (are they humble, egotistical, (in)formal), etc.) to ensure the language I use is appropriate and familiar to them, and then try to determine what they value most (money, their own time, latest tech, etc.) so that I know what I should be offering to them.

If I were attempting to appeal to you, I’d skim through your message history to determine your background and areas of competence/interest. I’d link images of the chart showing how nash’s referral program offers a better commission (images are great because they help to compress the message, and people have terrible attention spans nowadays), and upon seeing things like the nashcasino, also mention the 10% for developers which can be earned on top of that.

I might mention things like MPC, and how the Nash wallet is “supposedly more secure” than hardware wallets, and then “…let you determine that for yourself, as you’re likely far more competent than I am regarding code” - to top it off with some low-key flattery.

Whereas if I were approaching Encephalopath, I’d hopefully learn that he has some sort of online store before messaging. I’d mention the 25% referral commission, and how Nash is vying to establish a new precedent with their all-in-one solution: “Nash Pay is a new checkout option which allows customers to make purchases using cryptocurrency. It converts things like Bitcoin into NZD, and imposes no fees on the merchant, plus there’s no risk of customer chargebacks, so it’s a much safer and more cost-effective alternative to other methods such as PayPal.”

Hey, hope I’ve caught you at a good time!

I’ve been following the developments of a really nice exchange for X years, and they’ve just launched a referral program offering up to 50% better commissions than competitors:


<insert 1 personalized message that appeals to the individual’s values>

EG.1 (money) - They also have a registered security token (NEX), which entitles you to a daily dividend based on exchange volume; you may also be eligible to receive some of those tokens for free, if the users you refer generate substantial volume.
EG.2 (tech) - Their tools and services are highly secure, and rigorously audited. They have some brilliant people on their team, and recently launched a podcast if that’s up your alley - https://podcast.nash.io/912007

If you’re curious or have any questions, feel free to hit me up!

I probably wouldn’t offer my referral link unless they replied with questions; I’d just include it in my profile descriptions.

Also, be wary when doing things like this:

The former can give the recipient the impression that you’ve wronged/inconvenienced them in some way, and invites them to walk all over you.

The latter targets people who are likely not in a good mood, and if they’re repeatedly exposed to the name “Nash” every time they’re in a bad mood, they can subconsciously associate that word with the feelings of negativity, and start to detest it for no logical reason.


Congratulations to Nash for incorporating the affiliates program, it’s a great little incentive to make some extra quid, however most people will simply not even bother. Nash needs to target the mainstream and what appeals to the mainstream is not signing up to ‘another exchange’, they simply don’t care about ‘decentalization’, ‘control of your keys’ etc - the more savvy and smart do and unfortunately it’s a very small percentage of people.

Nash is in no-way ready to actually advertise their services period for the simple reasons of:

  1. No fiat on-ramps (these should be available in multiple countries).
  2. Lack of trading pairs.
  3. Volume almost non-existent.
  4. No appeal to the average user.

In the above order, these things need to be addressed, there’s no point sprucing a service that will only let someone view the site and potentially not visit it again because it simply doesn’t service their requirements and has now left them with a memory of Nash being a service that doesn’t service their requirements. The best time to have a user view the site is when the above issues have been addressed.

  • Fiat on-ramps is extremely important for the obvious reason being that it allows any person to enter the market and start trading.

  • Once fiat-on-ramps is existant, trading pairs and some volume needs to be existant - this is important on that basis that will allow the fiat-onrampers to actually purchase a coin without using a third-party.

  • Volume - for the obvious reason, everyone wants the cheapest available coin - more volume = more competition in the market and lower pricing.

  • Once the above is addressed Nash can then put full-force an advertising scheme, however they’ll need to differ themselves from the market by either taking a risk or finding a niche in the market that will allow people to gain in some-way. For example, zero fee trades for 30 days when signing up is a great incentive to drive users to actually sign up to the exchange and use it. Unfortunately it will be lost revenue towards stakers and Nash’s team, however long-term if Nash say has 10,000/100,000 users remain that trade daily of often, then that’s a huge advantage to have.

It’s quite said seeing a technological company go through the phases of development to then realize that they’ve made the mistake of not focusing on their core value and really pushing it to the market, I realize that they may not know how to do so - this is where you really need to hire someone who understands how to market a company & not follow the direction of other companies (eg. Crypto.com). This is in no way intended to be a dig at the team behind Nash, this is my personal observation.


Just curious – have you listened to the episode 2 of Beyond the Chain? They go over the phases of development, and Jeff sounds happy with the way Nash is progressing. To be honest, I think Nash is the only company in the cryptosphere that’s progressing the way a real, honest company would. Seems like every other project out there is using the meme playbook. Works for hype, probably not so great for longevity and actually building something that’s needed.