Nash ecosystem

In last night’s podcast, Fabio explains how - unlike other ICO startups who feel compelled to build what they received funding for - Nash is building its ecosystem in a way which allows it to iterate quickly over multiple products while staying true to its initial promise to the community: receiving dividends based on usage of its solution.

I thought I’d take a few minutes to summarize the Nash ecosystem at this point:

Others at Nash have coined it as a multi-headed hydra. Whatever the metaphor, what this means is that Nash Core is immutable; however Nash is agile and free to build its ecosystem in a way that products revolving around Nash Core can separately or collectively be successful.


Nice work as always Oldsport.

I feel the most immediate thing we can watch out for is gunbot.

Let’s see what effect it has…


Many thanks Marc for your contribution :earth_asia:

Beautiful :+1:

Thanks Marc, nice graph there, always keen to read your posts.

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