Poll: upcoming liquidity farming program

i only had 959 nex…

I guess then you need to hurry up and buy the remaining amount of 31 NEX, the price is amazing atm :grinning:. You can trade NEX on switcheo eg.


i currently do yield farm with ethereum defi… but to withdraw the money… i need to pay 117$ gas fees… lol
i want to yield farm nex too xD
but if 1k nex is requirement… maybe i cant join :sob:

500 nex pls


Lets go 1k!

I think 500 would be good.


@canesin Can you please let us know when the snapshot will take place? (I had 999,99 nex and I just added more to cover the 1000 limit) Thank you in advance.

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The snapshot will happen on Monday of next week.

Any confirmation of the required stake size?

Thanks for all the votes, the weighted average of replies is 690 NEX, given the struggle of keeping this a beta vs accessibility I decided we will go ahead with 500 NEX as the requirement and that we will communicate heavily in anticipation so that people has the time to decide and plan ahead how they will participate in the program.