Poll: upcoming liquidity farming program

As you know from my post previously here we have been researching a new program to close the missing gap on incentives of $NEX, feeding back on itself.

We will be starting a liquidity farming program, with a initial beta for the first month, to participate on it one must need to have staked a minimum amount of $NEX for two years (like a ticket to participate in the rewards).

Our plans is to distribute 100,000 $NEX during this beta. We will take a snapshot of stakers next Monday.

What should be the minimum amount of $NEX required to participate in the liquidity farming incentives?

  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000

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I think 1k is the minimum to demonstrate the loyalty to Nash :wink:


I think 250 would be good coz we will have many smaller trader on board, it will increase participant.:+1:


There are arguments for both 100 NEX (to allow more participation) and 1000 NEX (to ensure seriousness of commitment to Nash). Considering the benefits of locking up more of the available supply and to ensure the commitment of participants, 500 - 1000 NEX seems best IMO.


I lf its possible it should be dollar pegged not nex so if 1 nex is 100$ than mjnimum 3 nex staked for 24months. Today price 500 minimum

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@the-doctor1 the beta program will run for only one month, this is not a permanent decision - that will take based on the results of the beta.


I think 1000 should be the minimum because I fulfill the requirements :sweat_smile:. But seriously, if you stake less than that you are not serious about Nash.


during ico, i think lottery 1 buyers got like 999.999 , it may be good for them if its like 999 or even 990 instead of 1000


1,000+ makes the most sense.

  1. It will help drive demand for the token.
  2. It locks up more of the circulating supply.
  3. In addition to the full 2 year stake it shows further devotion to the project.
  4. Distribution rewards will likely be larger for those NEX stakers due to less people meeting the requirements.

Although an argument can be made that by reducing the minimum needed, it would result in more NEX being staked as a whole albeit in smaller amounts.


Great initiative Fabio. Pls bare in mind that for users who participated in the token sale like me and had a limit of 1000NEX the actual amount staked is 999. So please if 1000 is the limit winner keep this in mind :wink: Thank you


good job



the thing to think about is that the price of Nex won't stay at 1 forever. 1000 Nex may be a lot of money in the near future, who knows…


Para cuando hay que tener los nex bloqueados? cuando es el lanzamiento

I think we need to keep in mind that 100$ does not have the same value in every country. 100$ may be nothing for a guy in the Netherlands, but it is a lot for the one in Bulgaria. Asking for 1000 might mean excluding some solid NASHers. 100 or 250 sounds OK.


I think 500 should be a proper amount. Half of the initial can of ico. 500 for staking 500 for “trading” or return of your money sounds equal 50/50.


Somewhere between 500 and 1000 sounds about right to me!

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I think the amount should be lower 250 max. Dont shut out the small guys like every other crypto project basically does. Please be different. Reward everyone who has stuck around these last couple of years even the small guys, they deserve it. Also I have over 1000 but not all are staked for two years if it is 1000 is there a way we can re-stake what we need to 2 years? Cause if we cant change our stakes to 2 years its gonna leave a lot behind.


I would say less than 980 as many of us ICO investors only got 980 NEX tokens.

100 are ok for an beta test so can many ppl participate