Poll: How often do you think NEX should tweet once exchange is launched

  • More than once a day
  • More than once a week
  • More than once a month
  • Once a month/two months

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At 70K NEX twitter followers, Bakkt had about 20K followers on Twitter. As of today, they have nearly as many followers as NEX.
I noticed that Bakkt releases, on average, 2 tweets per day. Could this be the reason for their impressive growth?
Would you like to see more tweets from NEX as soon as the exchange is launched? How often would you like to see new NEX tweets?


I’d rather have them spend time on developing the platform than on tweets to hype a product that isn’t live yet… Note that NEX has a somewhat different approach then many projects in the crypto space, many tend to spend most time on hyping and forget they promised to deliver a product, i’d rather have the opposite… The team has said that they have plans ready for when the product is live, don’t worry!

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The poll is actually about the frequency of tweets after the exchange is launched.
I am not bothered by the paucity of tweets now, but I certainly want to see better Twitter engagement after exchange launch.

That quote from you is not quite relevant, as Bakkt is not your average project.
Let’s not pretend, increase in Twitter following/activity can be a very good indication of a successful business.
No serious business will gloss over its image on Twitter or social media!


I see your point, but 95% of the project out there struggle to deliver anything apart from tweets. As for the amount of tweets after launch, as often as they have something interesting to tweet about, guess you wouldn’t want to put a number on it. Same thing here, 95% of the tweets currently send out by crypto project have no substance whatsoever, just tweet for the sake of tweeting.


Honestly, I think you’re being unnecessarily defensive and presumptuous.
I am comparing NEX’s Twitter activities to that of Bakkt and not your average crypto project. Why do you keep trying to diminish this by bringing up other projects?

And how can you sound so condescending about other projects :man_facepalming:t5:
This kind of over-confidence can only backfire.

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For me: no news, no tweets.

In my opinion we don’t need all this twitter and telegram group sh*t.
Did it protect anyone from not falling enormously?

I hope the product will speak for itself. Then the PR team should focus on partnerships and bigger companies / players. The twitter/telegram/youtube army will jump on the train anyway.

*edit: with regards to the poll: I miss an option like “frequency is not that important. quality over quantity”


I disagree. According to your argument, the marketing department might as well be closed and just let the product speak for itself.
It doesn’t work that way, sorry! No matter how good your product is, you’d still have to spend a lot on the marketing side of things.
What stops some ‘smart’ guys from stealing the NEX template and then gaining users with aggressive marketing?


Well, I can’t follow your conclusions. But we don’t have to agree here.
Still I try to put in other words:
In my opinion the marketing/PR team should focus on showing and advertising a good product by explaining how they are better than their compititors. (I guess it is obvious where I am hinting at. If not: it’s too early to scale up advertising as there is no product to show yet. They can’t really do it now as they already made huge statements about the future quality. Now they have to deliver first. Plus, with everything they reveal before launch the risk to get copied earlier rises). Advertising with quality articles, videos, showcases and community / collaborative partnership events is the kind of marketing I want to see. Twitter/telegram army will suck every kind of information out of it and fill the tweets and retweets for all those who think 3 sentences are a good source of information. They will do most of the work needed to cover these instruments.

*edit: typo

Clearly, this poll refers to after the exchange is launched!!
I am not suggesting in any way that NEX should increase the frequency of tweets before the exchange is launched.

I think the frequency of tweeting should come as they have things to share (partner announcements, new product availability, promotions, etc). Don’t see this happening soon, but If that means 5x/day so be it.

Twitter can be an effective tool when a product is live, and based on @carla 's explanation on the motto, I have no doubt the marketing team will reach their intended end users (twitter or not).

Cool! This poll is about when the exchange goes live.

Yes, you are right, sorry i guess I wasn’t paying enough attention and missed the “after launched”-part of your post.
Still, as above described I don’t see much value in a specific frequency of tweets and would prefer the described ways of marketing. I agree with @hypotheticalidentity though:


Quality over quantity

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why do people keep saying that tweeting will distract the team from working ? How does NEX plan to reach a Billion users without actively using social media for marketing ? facebook today has over 2b users, volume and crypto adoption is about users using your platform . Having this community portal is good, but this wont work for widespread marketing strategies. Tweeter today is one of the best platform to reach new users who dont know about your company or product. I strongly believe the team can continue to develop while aggressively using social media to reach large audience . Coinbase has been doing this, Bakkt has been doing this. The first time i heard about Bakkt was on twitter, same with countless other projects. Having a good product is good, but we all know the best product today wont have the biggest market just because companies have different marketing strategies to reach new audience .


so the marketing team are also part of the development team ? they can do both together , they can continue to talk about the great features of NEX. Bakkt is doing that, Binance is doing that, creating awareness about your product before its launch is a very good marketing strategy. Exchanges and volume is about signing up new users.


they have a team specially for developing the platform…they also have marketing team…for me, i feel that their marketing team hasnt been doing much things. U can keep sending out messages so people will not forget about you…keeping silence for weeks isnt a good thing IMO.

but one reason for them keeping silence is maybe one of the regulatory requirements that overhype is not allowed? (its only my guess)

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Not really! There could be some regulatory restrictions about how the NEX token is marketed because it is a security, but no regulator will interfere with the marketing of the NEX platform or exchange. These are two different things.
The NEX platform/exchange will be providing a range of services and people need to be aware of these services.

I think the NEX Marketing and communications team is competent, creative and methodical.
I am not really bothered about the paucity of tweets now, but I’d be looking forward to far more social media engagement after the exchange is launched.

I hope so. I mean we can all see the difference of marketing tactics within this space. Marketing is one aspect that can allow people to calculate the brand value of the project.

one thing that the people in crypto space need is the constant communications with stakeholders. And i hope NEX can do it well.

Not sure how many here have familiarity with operating social media for a business, but there are a ton of analytics and data available to determine what is the optimal posting schedule. Things like what days of the week, what time of day that people are most likely to engage with posts. Also things like what sort of content (ie GIFs, photos, videos etc) that people prefer to engage with on which SM platforms.

I’m sure that their very talented Marketing team is well aware of all of this type of info and is making their plan accordingly with what they want to achieve via their SM platforms. I don’t think this is something we really need to be concerned about.

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