Poll: How often do you think NEX should tweet once exchange is launched

Not bothered about no. of tweets. But I hope they tweet alot less frequently than the Binance team :joy: #qualityfirst #trustyourselves

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Maybe when they have as many Twitter followers :sunglasses:

Binance and Bakkt still tweeting hard :sweat_smile:

NEX should tweet more often than now, NEX is continuously losing followers

Instead of trying to micro-manage the company, it might be a good idea to let the team run the company. Counting the number of tweets per day etc is useless in my opinion. I used Coinbase before finding out that they had a Twitter page.


I get your point but wouldn’t say micro-managing. The team doesn’t have to follow our layman prescriptions.

Also, consider that t marketing is ever evolving. What worked 3-4 years ago may not be revant today.

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It’s good to see the different viewpoints from the community. I certainly don’t judge your desire to have the team tweet more, once the platform is ready.

I understand many organisations have a throughput quota to maintain engagement with community. If the team can find enough relevant content to be tweeting consistently then I’m all for it.

I’m fairly confident in this team to nail the marketing and communications strategy based on the logic and reasoning behind all previous decisions. Until I see otherwise, I wouldn’t tell them how to market. I understand that’s not your intention. This is directed at those who seem to know the best way to market a crypto project despite not one strategy thus far working i.e. reaching mass adoption and maintaining.

We shall see.