Plans to bring in market makers?

I’m just curious how the team plans to increase volume in the coming months, I am aware when api’s are released there will be bot volume but is there any other tricks up the sleeve?

Edit: how about trading competitions once btc is integrated? Or the community can contribute other suggestions

Are trading competitions even legal? Seems like a way to manipulate the market.

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That’s too bad, because volume is like $2000 / 24hrs currently, not a good look, and not a good feel for stakers, according to my excel staking spreadsheet, to achieve a 5% annual dividend the nex token price should be $0.0004 each currently

What did you expect? Have you already made a single order? When I look into my Referal program I feel sick. One of the whole tickets is activated and that’s mine. It does us no good if we all use the platform just for staking.

And for more it is currently not used. If I look at the Smart Contracts will be a bad one. not more than 200 users and that is already expected.

From this it can be concluded that a maximum of 400 tickets can be activated. And that is really sad. :unamused:

Patience, my friend.

The platform literally just launched. Judging by how smooth it is we should be able to see volume as more assets are added and more things are polished which will bring in active users that fulfill referral activations. Just sit back now and enjoy the ride, now is where patience prospers. Every platform and major exchange has gone through this same waiting game.


also many of the US states cant trade, i would love to use nash, but currently nevada residence cant trade on the platform yet, just stake. and unlike other dex cant use brave’s tor to get around the vpn blocks.

For people expecting big volume now be aware that this is just MVP. Take a break and come back in a few months.


Or stick around and contribute to the process of perfecting it :innocent:


Yes that would be ideal and constructive.

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No, I’m in Canada, we are not allowed to trade. Also 1/5 of a single bitcoin as daily volume is indeed less than I expected, I thought 100k/day would be a realistic start. That means that there are 0 whales using the exchange currently. My question was how to attract the whales, however, it’s clear they just want to build everything securely before focusing on this issue. I guess we do just need to wait it out at this point.

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Binance and Coinbase were pretty lame to start. Coinbase had Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin, with no trading and took 4% off the top from Fiat purchases. Both those platforms are great, but very greedy. NASH is looking to change that by making it a DEX with shared and distributed fees going to the community rather than the company Owners and CEO. Binance and Coinbase and other centralized exchanges are established very nice, but they still remind me of Banks.
Patience Grasshopper. Use it and suggest what you would like to see.


The major cause of this problem is that NEX is not trading on the platform. A lot of people already have an exchange they are using to trade their other token/assets already. Opening to trade NEX on Nash exchange would have prime people to migrate and since that is not the case yet, you don’t expect people to move their other assets to Nash just like that. More importantly there is no BTC trading yet!

Yes… but $800/24hrs total trading volume on any exchange is complete (fill in your own word)… just saying. Are the founders even using it? Complete ghost-town, zero liquidity, zero community hype. Yes, my hopes were high, just like a majority of the people dumping this week. To hear they aren’t even working on increasing volume is just another gut shot imo. I survived the recent bear market and this is taking a toll close to equal.

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je trouve qu il ya pas de strategie de marqueting et la il ya pas de fluidite dans la communication des informations . normalement avec le lancement de plateform elle doit etre acompagne d une grande compagne publicitaire .mais rien de cas n a etait fait:en pensant::en pensant:

On status of market makers, Ethan posted this on an unofficial community reddit forum (here):

(1) Not all of our liquidity partners have on-boarded, and those that have are very deliberately starting slowly through our first week in production. This is common sense for the amount of potential money at stake.

(2) We do have a Python client internally, and a few things need cleaning up there, but hopefully we can release that soon (many internal priorities right now).

(3) The API is GraphQL, not REST, and the fact that we are non-custodial makes interacting with it very tricky without our client libraries. Many requests attach cryptographic proofs to be used within our state channels, etc. I would not recommend trying to reverse engineer it unless you are familiar with cryptography.

Fabian posted the following on NEO market chat on discord:

Marketdepth will increase from next week, regarding volume, tell ur friends to trade

Maybe the team members can post here to confirm.


One can just be amazed by the quality of questions and worries of some of so called “investors”. I wish there would be option “unstake and dump s… investors”.
Way to go Nash excited for the comming updates!


Remember this is a DEX. Non Custodial platform… NASH is breaking ground that no one has ever done before. This is not just an exchange, but from what I can see, the future of banking.
Remember, a bank, Binance, other exchanges go down, they take YOUR money with them.


Just translating:
I find that there is no marqueting strategy and there is no fluidity in the communication of information. Normally with the launch of platform it must be accompanied by a great advertising campaign. But nothing has been done: thinking: thinking: