Not able to complete kyc

Hello team ,
I am not able to do kyc . I am from India and the app keep scanning my documents but not capturing the details I tried several times and it’s not functioning. I don’t know why

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it was smooth for me and was done in few minutes, try nash support


initially I also encountered the same issue. you have to hold the phone steay, the camera quality has to be good and most important keep it in the scan position for 1.5 minutes. It take surely scan the document. It is super easy and you will get verification done within 5 minutes.

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The KYC is really impressive. Really fast


It worked guys, thank you it was just I believe my hands were a bit shaky


Hello fellows ,
Anyone experience a denied KYC and how much time aprox. for reply from the support team?
Thanks in advance

The problem is that i cant do it again because i cant scan the qr code after the deny.

Not till now mate, I haven’t heard any case

@savique you can expect an answer within 24 hours (often within hours) during the weekdays.

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Thanks for reply.
The fact that i cant retry to scan code my isnt a problem?

What if Your place of residence is separate to ur nationality… come on guys give us a break here. Im sure the team can respect this !

first time i can say im upset with Nash

That is not an issue. Location of residence does not have to match the country that issues your ID document.

Which features of the exchange you can use depend on your present location (which for most people will be their location of residence). If you have Tier 1, you can use a VPN to access while travelling.

Your ability to do KYC depends only on providing a valid document, irrespective of which country it comes from.

It’s true that the KYC app automatically sets the issuing country based on your address, but you are free to change it.

Is there something in the platform that makes you believe these things should match? Could you please let us know?

i put residence as in my nationality …im in a country other than that currently … Kyc app rejects me due to IP mismatch to stated residency… i contacted support and this is what i got … unacceptable to me … but hey

Illl happily change my residency … but im not setting up a new account
I can see you guys put in a fail safe … but its not functioning when i get told to set up a new account

u get one shot at on-boarding people … i would be gone like a shot with this … make residency that doesnt match IP changeable immediately to the potential customer

For residence, you should put your country of residence, not your nationality. These two things are not connected in any way by our system.

However, if you are not currently in your normal country of residence, then it is true that you will have difficulty completing KYC because of the IP match requirement. This means you cannot sign up while you are travelling.

EDIT: I’ve inquired further. Basically, we are not able to process KYC for people who are on holiday because we require a match between IP and the residential location you declared upon sign-up (by checking the box “I confirm this is my country of residence”).

If you are on holiday, you will be able to register when you return home. If not, then you will have to enter the actual country where you are resident when ticking the “I confirm…” box upon making a new account.

In future, we may have a procedure to allow non-KYC’d users to change their address by submitting documents. But for now, you really have no option other than to enter your genuine location of residence when signing up, and to make sure you do not sign up while on holiday abroad. These checks are in place to make sure we stick to legal requirements, I’m afraid.


If u want my location request my location not my residency …Residency is ambiguous theres residency for tax purposes etc… what if people have multiple residencies.

… some people are on holiday in perpetuity and in crypto this is probably more common ( i dont have to tell you this )

this is very…upsetting … an no im not setting up a new account . forget it


We do not want your location. We want your residency (i.e. for tax purposes). Indeed, we need your declaration of what your legal residency is – that’s why you have to tick that box.

I advise you to contact support with the specific details of your situation.

ur wrong u want my location because u want my IP … the IP is the gate keeper… so i should have put my location and would have passed

hi when I doing kyc with android phone on the QR code part verifying it takes so much time and I close it,after that,tier 1 always written pending but I was stack on QR code so no pic or id info what can I do now.

The purpose of these checks is for Nash to be legally compliant and to prevent fraud. Our user interface directs users to provide the information we require to be compliant.

We need you to declare your official residence. This is a legal requirement. We also have to check that your IP matches this location to prevent fraud. Yes, you will have to be in the country of your legal residence until you perform KYC for Tier 1. However, after that point you are free to be on holiday “in perpetuity” if you so wish. This is a reasonable expectation for a compliant exchange.

If a user makes an inaccurate declaration of their residence just so it matches their present location, this constitutes an attempt to circumvent the regulations with which Nash complies. It is not the case that we are asking that user for the wrong pieces of information. Indeed, the user would be liable for providing false information, since they would have checked the “I confirm…” box.

There is a simple solution to your problem: create a new account with the correct information or return from holiday to complete KYC. If you have a good reason for not being able to do either of these things, perhaps you can provide specific information about your situation to our support team and we may still be able to assist you.

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A friend of mine also has this. What can he do?