No one knows about Nash

Is it me, or does no one know about Nash
Never gets mentioned on any of the main podcasts i listen to
The amount of times well known people say - Rune for example are trying to enable native ETH to BTC trades… as per last defiance podcast with Erick Voorhees.
Is there any marketing?
Is the marketing not working?
Why doesn’t anyone from Nash go on the main podcasts and talk about Nash.
Im not attacking, just asking reasonable investor questions.


Nash has been building for 2+ years. Marketing a product that does not have product market fit is a waste of money. We have now found product market fit, and so now the marketing engines will start. Stay tuned for the announcement of our Strategy 2021


Thanks for the response
Im sure as well as all the Nash investors and community will wait in hope for the strategy. It has been a long 2+ year… Now needs to be the time to deliver.


Hopefully you will fix all the obvious UX fails before starting this marketing campaign.

Dealing with the current Nash Channel Transfer system is an absurd experience. A skilled UI/UX designer could probably fix it in a day, but for some reason this is not happening.

UX means everything and spending years on great tech and then destroying it this way is hard to look at as an investor.

AirBnB won because of great UX
Netflix the same
Transferwise will be killing Payoneer because of this.

Nash should invest here before the marketing push.

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Could you be a little more specific? Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to the plateform, but apart from the high deposit/withdraw fees I find the experience rather pleasant.

By the way, saying “it’s bad” without further explanation is useless. Saying “one guy good at his job could fix it in a day” is downright an insult to Nash team.


Perhaps Nash should also try Google and Bing ads, maybe also Brave browser ads but I am not sure. I know the guys who were advertising Brave browser for 5 USD in BAT reward referral were spending less than 1 USD for each referral in Adwords. The ROI was amazing and for a company as Brave each user was worth 10 USD+.

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I don’t know anyone who knows “nash channels” or “layer 2”. a traiding area rather … but that was discussed enough and is probably too late. I can’t think of anything else at the moment :slight_smile:

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And please revise the affiliate program to 25% of trading fees for LIFE. I am getting 20% of trading fees for life for my referrals on Binance, so I am still sending traffic to them…

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Just a mere suggestion, might a rebranding be considered by the team? for sake of “new beginning”? Not to mention that the NEX army have been pushing the name of Nash down everyone’s throat on Crypto Twitter, to a point that the name is kinda tarnished and most popular twitter influencers are fed up of being “spammed” by it. Just a suggestion.

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When you click the Nash Channels button you are given two options


Now the new little Nash Users have to GUESS what is going on.

Deposit to where? and from where?
Widthdraw to where? and from where?
What does “Nash channels” even mean? Do they mean Trading Channel?

“Don’t make me think” is a good UX “principle”

And Nash could improve so much in this area with very little coding effort.

Didn’t mean to insult, i just got a bit provoked when one of the founders just called the UI Good when another guy criticized it a few days ago. Good UI does not require the newbies to guess what is going on so i would say he had a point. Even though he delivered it in a rude way out of frustration.


Can we say the same about BTC?
Was it popular without resistance :thinking:

I got a popup when I press channels first time which explains it pretty well. And after the first time you can still press the info button if you want to read it again.

I sort of get your point about deposit and withdrawal, but I think those words were chosen to actually make it feel abit more similar to a CEX. Maybe the tooltip could be a bit more specific that your depositing from personal wallet to nash channels and for withdrawals the other way around. For me personally it is clear as it is now.

Anyway thanks for being more specific, this can actually help as feedback.

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  1. This is a main feature in Nash. It should not be dependant on some pop up you closed 4 weeks ago or an info button. Just make UI that make sense in the first place and you don’t need this crap.

  2. This info pop up does not even explain it

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To me personally this is actually quite clear what the NashChannels are. Also when I don’t understand something I tend to click on the info button if it is provided.

Also, being non-custodial means users do need to open and close channels, there’s no way around it. In my view they actually did a quite good job making this userfriendly, but I know the team is always open to suggestions to improve user experience.

But good to also make it heard if it is not clear to you, because then the team can take this into consideration.

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I tend to switch to a platform that has intuitive UI instead of info buttons.

Nash can send me the design file and I will fix it so new users will understand it without clicking info buttons.

Just to be clear, it is a personal feeling you’re having. You make it sound like this is something everyone experiences. That’s also why I keep saying “Personally, I…”.

For example, Apple is known for being userfriendly. However, personally I do not like the user experience of Apple products one bit, I kinda hate it.

There’s never going to be a one fit all solution for user experience, but the most important thing is that you get as close to it as possible and that the majority finds it intuitive.

So please stop acting like your experience is everyone’s experience. Sure, it’s good to let it be heard so Nash knows about it but do not act like you know everyone’s experience. Nash actually does research into that and probably know this better than you.


I am putting myself in the shoes of new users. You are talking about your own experience after having used Nash for awhile.

This Transfer window can be improved and it is not a discussion but a fact.

Nash will figure this out sooner or later. I just tried to make it sooner.


Obviously Nash does its research with all types of users, not just experienced ones.

Ofcourse, for basicly everything in life improvements are possible.

You’re still confusing your own experience with the experience of all new users.

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I don’t have personal problems doing transfers. I work with UI/UX design and this window makes no fucking sense.

You can come up with excuses about how you enjoy clicking info buttons when you are confused. I don’t care. keep doing it.

But there is no reason to confuse any users here. You can easily make an intuitive solution.

Okay, let me ask it differently. What kind of machine did you use to ‘put yourself in the shoes of new users’? Especially if you work in the field you’d know that you cannot do that, you need to conduct interviews or another form of research for that.

I highly doubt you did any actual research into that, I’m pretty sure you’re just stating your opinion and acting like this is what all new users experience.

Also, most apps I use have info buttons to get a more detailed explanation…