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I suggest we have a wiki thread stickied on this website so new/existing/potential hodlers and anyone interested can view the wiki for easier understanding instead of different people posting same questions every few days. This can lessen the work of NEX and keep this forum neater.

This can be a community effort too that everyone can contribute into…ideas?


A Wiki seems to be a good idea. Over time we may see threads that repeat themselves and this Wiki would allow quick searches on straight forwards questions.
It would also take some workload of NEX-moderators :smiley:



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Lets hope the team has acknowledged this and start working on it or maybe allow volunteers to keep it updated so we can help spread the wiki thread around for awareness too :slight_smile:

@MaoMao But you know the aim of this community is the interactivity between the company and investors, there is a good taste when someone ask a question and get answered, rather than reading a wiki.My opinion

Yes but maybe the basics on the wiki to avoid team to respond for the 50th time at same question ?

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@CryptOnTheBeat that is the Job Of Investor Care as in Customer Care, it is way of making us feel that we are engaging with really People in real business, remember that the roadmap is there but you will still hear people asking “When Exchange”?, The same question asked many times create more awareness and understanding.We need to talk to @canesin and the entire team on daily basis and on topics that really matter for the growth of our community that is the backbone of the growth of NeonExchange

@BaClaire i understand that’s the point of this community website here - to ask questions. My point is to allow FAQs to be pinned up so we could allow “new people/non-token hodlers yet” who may not have heard of :nex_logo: and want to know more. They will have a page to understand everything they might need/want to know in a short time…Other than that, they can still ask questions over here for more interactions if the answers in the WIKI page doesn’t “satisfy them”, being in the event that they do hodl NEX tokens in the first place.

Another point is that people who might want to buy in NEX tokens would not need to spend too much time reading too many posts that might not interest them at all. The Wiki site would serve a consolidated one-stop answer for them at what’s happening in NEX.

Thirdly, the public would not be able to create posts since they are not “hodlers”, yet. Thus, it is always good to create a Wiki so they can have a constant update just by reading it.



Well explained, I buy your POV @MaoMao

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Good Point. When is the Wiki Live?

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Team may be busy. I hope Wiki for :nex_logo: will come by some day.

No need for a Wiki, they have a support page that nobody seems to notice in the header of the website:

NeonExchange Support


Thanks, yes it seems i have missed this out too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really funny because on the NEO domain name platform I was bidding on wiki.neo unfortunately someone with a lot of GAS stole that from me! I’d love to help write/build on a community-backed page so pin me in.

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@len would love to see this community build NEX stronger together :slight_smile:


I still think a Wiki or at least a FAQ post should be stickied - is it just me or are people starting to ask the same questions over and over without searching the forum…

I feel like @canesin @chris.fenwick @ethan and the other staff, are all getting hounded way to often for basic questions… I rarely log in to the forums, I just browse from my phone and read the topics not log into my account… Decided it was worth making a post about this.

I agree that the same questions are getting asked a lot and people tagging Ethan or Canesin over every little thing is frustrating.

We as a community need to have some patience and let the team innovate and deliver a working platform we can all be proud of. I’m sure most of the basic questions will be answered once the platform is live anyway. :grin:


@sdcorp please when duplicate just say it and link the response from somewhere else, I will lock the topic. I spend up to 35min on the community everyday.


He works every day really hard on NEX. He is watching every day the community some minutes. Give him some holiday time with the family.


Wow, this is so inappropriate. Flagged.