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(Mao Mao) #22

hey mate, i dont think we need to go to this extend acting like a possessive girlfriend/boyfriend tracking each and every move of another person here. You invest in this because you trust the team. Cheers.

Its a new year, and we are growing for sure. Meet up is coming on the 18th.

(Vt) #23

It’s also possible to read the posts without logging in. For example on your mobile phone.

(Chctrader) #24

I do trust the team but it doesn’t mean company/co-founder can out of investor’s supervision.
How much do you trust?
your trust defined by “no questions”?
If trust defined by holding nex amount. it’s unprecedented of my trust.

(FCC) #25

I am here, had a break 12/24 to 1/2. But I did read most of what was put here. Just using this forum I need to be in my secure computer, not something I do from my couch.

(Sean D) #26

Glad to see you took a small break over the christmas holidays @Canesin. Im sure the team and yourself deserve to spend some time with your family over the holiday period like everyone else. :grinning:

Im excited for the new year and looking forward to what NEX delivers in 2019.

(Chctrader) #27

I really appreciate it