NEX Staking Polls (please take part)

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Hey Everyone,
Here we go with attempt no.2! :woozy_face:

The purpose of these polls is for the community to get some understanding of what will happen to NEX tokens when Nash goes live.

Answer these questions as truthfully as possible.

Will you Stake your NEX?

  • Yes
  • No

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Will you Stake your Nex when…

  • The moment the exchange goes live
  • Wait until volume builds up before staking

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How will you use your Nex dividends?

  • Re-invest into Nex tokens
  • Spend elsewhere

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What Percentage of your NEX holdings will you stake?

  • Less than 10%
  • 11 to 20%
  • 21 to 30%
  • 31 to 40%
  • 41 to 50%
  • 51 to 60%
  • 61 to 70%
  • 71 to 80%
  • 81 to 90%
  • 91 to 99%
  • Stake all of my NEX

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How long will you Stake your NEX?

  • Under 4 months
  • 5 to 8 months
  • 9 to 12 months
  • 13 to 16 months
  • 17 to 20 months
  • 21 to 23 months
  • I will stake for full two years

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Will you…

  • Create Multiple Stakes
  • Create one single Stake

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Thanks for taking part

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

I will be writing a post on how the NEX token price should move based on the results of this post.
Will wait a few weeks until a big sample size has been achieved

(Rened Fwa) #3


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(Etf Corp) #4

I actually curious to see the result, let’s hope the sample size will grow bigger.

(Trust Yourselves ) #5

Same here. I had wanted to do more polls, but they would be pushing it. Too many polls may turn people away

(Lukaskorba) #6

What is the sample size you’ll be waiting on? I assume 200 is hardly reachable…

(Trust Yourselves ) #7

200 is possible. Based on the results so far with less than 24hrs. A weeks time will surely show 200+ responses.
Over 1200 members here now

(Trust Yourselves ) #8

BUMP… Guys keep it up. Let’s get to 200 responses

(Matthewcrypto) #9

Great idea how many votes do you think is a good sample size? 1000 min?

(Trust Yourselves ) #10

At the moment that will be too difficult to reach. I will take 200 responses

(Rahil) #11

Will reach 200 once we see some activity by 14th April. Its so calm right now!

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(Lukaskorba) #12

I told you 200 will be hardly reachable :slight_smile: Experience…

(Trust Yourselves ) #13

hahaha. no… It’ll hit 200 with ease.

(Trust Yourselves ) #14

8 more votes

(Suppoman) #15


whoooo, almost 200 guys :wink:

(Lukaskorba) #16

btw, the number of contributors doesn’t matter anymore… the % has stayed the same since first 80 participants… (I made a copy a few times)… aka, statistics is so great… just project it to any amount… (waiting for 200 was just a psychology exercise)

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(Trust Yourselves ) #17

Not correct. Sample size is an important consideration for research. Larger sample sizes provide more accurate mean values, identify outliers that could skew the data in a smaller sample and provide a smaller margin of error.
It certainly was not a psychology exercise.
I’m going to wait for 300 now

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(Lukaskorba) #18

There is zero difference between 100 and 200 aka trusted sample. Very similarly like measuring what tv channel had bigger audience. In Czech Republic for example is 2000 people measured proportionally scaled to 10M. You have 1/6 sample of all possible audience here… very trusted results by my opinion

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(Aaron K) #19

Just commenting to get this thread back on the home page :wink:

(Nashrimpy) #20

good poll, the results speak for themselves.