Nex Staking Calculator

(Dilligaf) #1

If you ever wonder how many NEX you need to stake to get a certain amount, take a look at this calculator that has been made by Nick Koster

How would you use your staking rewards?
(Nick) #2

Thanks for the shoutout @Dilligaf!
As a present, I just updated it with the reflection of dividends per token per month and year :slight_smile:


(Guardian Circle) #3

This is very nice! Thanks for sharing

(Nick) #4


Let me know what kind of additional features you’d like :sunglasses:

(Pascal) #5

Cool, thanks!

(TAG) #6

Nicely done!

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(Misteramsterdam) #7

Thanks! :clap::clap:



(Vectordoom) #9

pretty cool…the exchanges volume are updating live?

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(Nick) #10

Yeah I have a cron job running that fetches the exchange volumes every 10 minutes.

(Thomas) #11

There is one thing about this calculation I’m not sure about why its designed like this.

It’s always your tokens staked divided by 50.000.000. Why it’s not divided by the amount of the current staked tokens? Because the none staked tokens are not receiving rewards, but for the calculation all the none staked tokens were interpreted as they would receive rewards.

Do I see something wrong here? If yes can you please tell me which point I have missed? :slight_smile: And if I’m right can you argue why this calculation is used like it is? :smiley:

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(CryptoUK1) #12

@Symiaq The calculation is always /50,000,000 as stakers don’t benefit if other tokens aren’t staked or staked for less than 2 years. Those “unclaimed” fees go to the company.

(Nick) #13

Staking rewards are always calculated using the whole 50,000,000 NEX supply and is not dependent on the actual amount of NEX staked.

Source: NeonExchange Support

(David Golf) #14

Nick, the calculator is excellent. Once exchanges are providing NEX pricing, will the calculator also show the monthly amount of rewards in NEX? Also, does anyone here know whether rewards will be paid out in NEX or fiat?

(CryptoUK1) #15

Dividends will be paid in all tokens trading on the exchange to begin with. At some point soon we will be able to choose what tokens we want the dividend paid in

(David Golf) #16

Excellent, thanks!