Nex Community website

(Hitesh) #1

This is to discuss improvements in the NEX community website to make more easier.

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

I think the mobile viewing needs to be improved the blue buttons cannot be read when using mobile homepage

(Trust Yourselves ) #3


(Chris Fenwick) #4

Thanks for letting us know about this. We’ll be fixing it as soon as possible!

(Hitesh) #5

Also the Mobile UI needs a lot of improvements. The mobile UI font looks ordinary, can be improved upon.

(Vt) #6

In what way is it possible to login on my mobile device? Seems like it is only possible through a desktop chrome installation, right?

(Hitesh) #7

Yes you just can view things on mobile site. Not possible to log in.

(Len) #8

I actually had issues signing up here, took me whole morning. Had “username is taken” and “server errors” as warnings.

(Hitesh) #9


Cant the site be designed on these lines. Simple and in tutive. No complications at all. The main page as we enter will Display all the topics and a category tab. No need for the tags tab. This is just a suggestion. I find the present site a bit complicated.

(Hitesh) #10


Also simplify the settings tab. There is no need of the categories in the settings tab. Keep it simple.

(Trust Yourselves ) #11


(Hitesh) #12


Also the categories is taking all the attention on the Home page. It is so bright and big that it takes away the attention. I suggest to reduce the size of the tag. I have made a sample size of the tag. It would help you.

(Hitesh) #13

Also this space can be saved. This can be half the present size so that the attention goes on the content of the post. Reply button need not be highlighted as the one who wants to reply will anyways reply finding the button.

(Samuel Mansfield) #14

Hi Hitesh & Trust_Yourselves,

Thanks for your valuable input in making the NEX Community a better (looking :wink: ) place. We have addressed the issues posted and thank you both again for your feedback.

(Hitesh) #15

Hi Samuel, thanks for listening. I would like to bring to your Notice a small improvement. Please capitalise the A & C in “all categories” and A & T - in “all tags”.Image%2011


Is community mobile site ‘read only’ at the moment? (when I open it on mobile, it says I need to download desktop extension)

(FCC) #17

@sharkie you need to login using NEX Extension so it is read only for mobile for now, when we launch our mobile wallet we will integrate the needed technology to allow you to login on mobile also.


noted - thank you Fabio

(CryptoUK1) #19

I’m currently on mobile on Chrome and signed in. After signing up on laptop, i clicked email link on phone and it works great

(Trust Yourselves ) #20

Yeah same here.