Nex Community website

(Nex Azure) #21

click on the nex community emails on your mobile devices so you are automatically logged in to your mobile device

(Lennystyles) #22

On the community homepage, next to the title of a topic there is a number indicating the amount of replies that topic has. When you click on it a small tab opens displaying “asdasd…”.

(Trust Yourselves ) #23


Please remove this rule. It hinders the opportunity of having constructive discussions. I believe you will be losing more by not having it then having it.

(clare s) #24

Hi there @Trust_Yourselves,

We appreciate you reaching out with this request and we agree with your position. We have increased the number of replies,

Be well,


(CryptoUK1) #25

I’m having an issue when replying to posts that it won’t highlight the person I’m replying to, just ends up a standalone message. Having to edit posts and tag with their @. Anyone had the same?

(Chris Fenwick) #28

Are you sure? This post, for example, seems to be replying correctly to Fabio. “Reply” is not supposed to “@” the person automatically. It will label the post as a reply, and the person you replied to will receive a notification, but the “@” doesn’t automatically appear in the post body itself.

(Chris Fenwick) #29

I’m testing it, and I believe it should work so long as the “reply” symbol is displaying.

(CryptoUK1) #31

Hi Chris. I meant to say that it’s worked from time to time but for the most part having to go in and edit to add the @. I’m on mobile if that helps

(CryptoUK1) #32

Typically it worked fine that time :slight_smile:

(Chris Fenwick) #33

I’m pretty sure that it does always classify things are replies (if you go to the original message and click “replies” below it, your response should appear). However, sometimes it doesn’t seem to show the little reply icon + person you’re replying to next to your post. I’ll make a note to figure out what’s going on exactly, though.

EDIT: @CryptoUK1 No, that’s wrong… That post was 100% a reply to you and it didn’t list it as such. I’ll report the issue.