New feature for Nash

I’m just thinking aloud here, but I’m wondering if Nash could implement something similar to what Fold is doing with their daily lottery spins where you have a chance to win a few satoshi’s every day.

I see tons of folks singing praises of Fold on twitter, so they seem to be having great success. To be fair, they also offer sat’s back on purchases you make, which is probably a good part of their success as well, and I’m not sure if Nash could do something like that.

But, spinning that wheel every day is damn addictive. I’m orders of magnitude more a fan of Nash than I am of Fold, but I find myself opening the Fold app every single day, and I don’t even do that for Nash. (trading is not enabled in my region, nor is Nash Cash etc, so I’m limited to my experience on Nash for the time being).

How could Nash fund such a feature? Well, we know that Nash gets a percentage of trading revenue. This is supposed to go toward funding operations at Nash. However, right now, trading volume is low and I can’t imagine that the revenue is any considerable piece of the team’s salary etc. What if some or part of that trading volume revenue is diverted to funding a daily spin-wheel type lottery for each user?

It wouldn’t be a meaningful feature in terms of bringing any functionality to the platform, but it WOULD be an addictive feature that will a) bring in new users who don’t intend on trading or putting any funds on the exchange, but just want to win free sat’s -> excellent chance of converting these people to long term users and fans of the platform, and b) keep Nash users signing on every. single. day.



Reminds me of Shakepay in Canada. Referring a user who deposits + trades >$100 enables ShakingSats for you. Everyday, you can open their app, shake your phone, and collect some sats in your account. No strings attached, BTC can be sent to an external wallet for zero fees if you want.

Smart – gets people referring and makes people open their app every single day. Lots of people are referring JUST to get ShakingSats though. They use a different, cheaper platform.

oops, me shakingsats and using Newton for their lower spread looool.

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Nash is giving so much already :flushed:

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Oh for sure, and I’m not complaining! Just throwing the idea out there and contemplating it’s cost effectiveness vs other measures

The chance of winning, say, 500 sat’s on a daily spin keeps me coming back every day, and 500 is a nice big number so that feels nice even though in USD it’s < 10 cents. It’s just fun. I thought it might be a cost effective way to bring in some new users and keep them engaged & active daily.


First and foremost, Nash already gives extraordinary much by sharing 75% of the revenue with the community. Though, this is more appreciated by fans of the project and Nex stakers than by traders. Maybe Nash could introduce something like the OP suggests so that the traders are incentivized with symbolically small yet addictive rewards for stuff like daily logins.

Community already developed Nash Casino which is a great idea but I’m not sure if it is running currently.

Something like this? :slight_smile:

Would be a lot of work though and not sure about the legal aspect of it.

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