NEO 3.0 / NEO Council investment

I am really looking forward to NEO 3.0.
As the release is coming closer and closer, an old question is coming to my mind more frequently again. All the time I was wondering about why there is so little support from NEO and their folks, especially because of the fact that hardly any project doing an ICOs on the NEO blockchain had success and NASH is clearly one of the more promising cases. (Recently I saw one or two tweets from da Hongfei mentioning NASH, but that’s it.) Given the fact that the NEO Council is the largest investor / token holder of NEX, I am very curious if we can expect anything good coming out of this relationship in the future. Or will they more remain to be seen as any other investor (well, giant wahle investore to be more precise :smiley:)? I hope the team has some words to share about this, kind regards, J

*edit: Wanted to add that I am also asking because I am curious if there are any NEO specific plans to attract more of the global NEO trading volume to happen on NASH. A very long time ago I assumed that NASH would be some kind of the go to exchange for NEO trading, just because of the things I mentioned above + the fact that your team has a strong NEO background. Maybe that was naive, but I would be interested in your opinion.


I share your excitement for NEO 3! The NEO team has always been reluctant to market or promote too heavily. I think this is especially true right now during the eve of NEO 3.0. I would expect NEO to go hard on partnership, business, ecosystem promotion after NEO 3.0 is released. I think Da and Erik and the NEO team have a longer outlook at the whole market compared to Justin Sun or CZ. This may not be the best approach, but I think it solidifies their legitimacy in the eyes of larger players ie. Microsoft, potentially chinese governemnt/business entities. I really think of NEO and ETH as similar in their tones. Both are framework projects. Both feel like community projects. Eth is much bigger. But the more agnostic approach that Vitalik takes to promotion seems to be mirrored by Da Hongfei. I personally think NEO and NASH will work closely together in the future, hopefully with NASH earning a seat at discussions around global token standards. NEO invested in NASH for a reason. Fabian and Ethan are serious NEO OGs. I would imagine there are many conversations happening in the background. I think NEO should be really psyched that NASH is a part of the ecosytem. I think they will bring each other a lot of business and attention, but for now, both are not ready. Neo 2.0 is not ready. Nash is not ready. The future is bright.


My guess is that the team has been trying to avoid advertising too early (before GA) to avoid giving negative first impressions to retail users, therefore they’ve expressed this to the folks at NEO and the other partners telling them to wait for GA. I’ll be disappointed if we get to GA and we don’t see a huge push from the team and the partners, the team has claimed to be better at the business side of things than the tech side, hopefully not aggressively advertising early is an indication of that…