Nash has built it, but will they come...? Will Nash become the stripe of the crypto space?

Nash has built THE platform for 3rd parties to integrate crypto into their business/platforms taking things one step further than BTCPay server providing them with an easy way to integrate all blockchains with their own platforms. What seems to be missing is the same level of easy to read documentation for integration, one of the things that Stripe has done so well is provide developers with some of the best documentation available for API integration making it really simple/easy to integrate with their platform, I’ve yet to see the same from Nash and am hopeful that it’s coming. In the short term I doubt this will contribute to volume traded through the matching engine as speculation is the main use-case for crypto at present however Nash needs to onboard merchants and 3rd parties ahead of time in anticipation of users who will want to start spending their profits at the end of the next cycle.

In the short term we’re all waiting for Fiat ramps to get approved and the addition of Dash, BCH, Doge etc… Once these are live I expect a serious marketing push along with heavy activity from MM’s and the liquidity providers + a serious uptick in volume.

Getting high quality integration documentation published will help to add to what comes next.


Marketing is the key here. People are unaware of Nash, or put Nash in the corner of “another so called groundbreaking dex” that they ignore, because they heard the story of “groundbreaking, amazing etc” too many times and are done and tired from the false story’s.

Nash in terms of tech got everything it needs to be a success, but if can attract the users is ofcource the million dollar question.


As with marketing, the team forgets to focus on what drives people to sign up for a new exchange.

・There are coins that can only be bought on that exchange.
・You can buy a coin that is not listed on a major exchange.

The volume of uniswap has been increasing recently. More and more people are using uniswap to buy unlisted erc tokens

Probably implementing bch and ltc, which can be purchased on the major exchanges, won’t increase the volume.

What is the coin you want to trade on Nash?

I hope Nash team finds these answers soon.

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@Konijntje I am banning you from this community as you have not made a single positive contribution to it - instead has only driven a false discourse of fear and uncertainty (textbook FUD).

Always with the “but” “if”. In addition to that community members have shared with me similar and worse attitude in other channels that sincerely make me fairly certain of your intentions to damage the project knowing the relatively very small position you hold on it.

I hope you are able to move on, I don’t expect you to do so, I am sure the Nash community is ready to hold its stand.


is ofcource the million dollar question.

It’s not a matter of if, but when. Nash has a tremendous vision, great tech, and all the key ingredients for success. Look at the bigger picture.