Nash Cash - First impressions

Curious to know first impressions from users who are able to use the ramp. Unfortunately being a Canadian, I’m not able to test it out.

How’s the UI/ease-of-use?


Good rates?

Overall impressions?

Super excited Cash has launched!


Very smooth, takes a minute to add funds, it’s just a simple bank transfer.

One thing i noted, once you agree to the initial quote, you get to a screen where it asks to “Confirm” that you sent payment. If you click away from that, you can’t get the same screen back to click Confirm - not sure how important this is.

Buying rate was pretty good actually, 0.85 euro per usdc for buying. Selling was at 0.83 though, kind of a big difference.

I can’t comment on speed yet as i’ve done the transfer at 18:00 my time. If it’s fast, money should be there tomorrow before noon.

Overall very happy with the experience. Just hope the Nash Cash option comes back :smile: as i’ve already done a transfer 2h ago when i first saw the option


Where are you located? Strange that it has gone for you

I’m in Romania. Some others reported the same on Telegram. Might still be in works.

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I thought you were from The Netherlands, Mr Santa Claus :joy:

Are there future plans to not use third party providers and bring it all in house? Seems odd as an exchange to use essentially another exchange.

The picture is not from NashCash, this is CryptoCoin, it was there before. I don’t see any other options on the web version.
I updated the mobile application and the NashCash appear.

Thanks. My mistake.

@Crome not from NL but Santa travels, man :smiley:
Printscreens from earlier when i had the option.

After this, there’s the screen with bank acc details of where to send money.


Last screen, not mine (could only embed 2 in one post):

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Will credit/debit cards be available in the future?

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Yes they will be. It is mentioned in this article.


There will always be 3rd party providors along with Nash’s in house solution. They want to be able to give you as many options as possible while letting you decide what you want to use.

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@fabwa when trying to purchace usdc from the uk we are missing alot of information such as address and bic code

  • NashCash is gone for me on desktop

  • I’m stuck on mobile, I can’t press continue when I entered the information

  • Also on mobile, I can’t read the provided text.

Anyone know if it is available in the UK? I still see the “no asset providers available” message.

This is a really good rate!

Might be the character limit on the second question. Try to be over 50 characters and the continue button should not be greyed out anymore.

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Money came in so it’s a really good contender to coinbase for topping up :slight_smile:
One thing though, if something like this is possible.


I see this being mentioned. So if the rate changes in the defavor of the bank, it will be a new quote, fully get that. But how about if the rate changes in defavor of the user to a degree that it can be quite significant for larger sums?

Quote from yesterday was 0.88 eur per USDC. Today when the transfer got in, it was 0.84 eur per USDC and still got the same ammount initially quoted. While fees are 0, this lost me about 7 euros from the 200.



Yes! That was the case, thanks!