Marketing NEX for mass adoption

(Olu ) #1

Thinking about the ambitious goal of having 1 billion users in 10 years, how can we as a community and the team help achieve this? I know the exchange is yet to be launched, however, the time to brainstorm and share ideas is now. I can imagine that the team is giving this a lot of attention already. NEX is a revolutionary product and deserves excellent marketing.

(Guardian Circle) #2

Speaking for us, we (Guardian Circle) would LOVE a way to embed NEX-powered fiat-to-GUARD, GUARD-to-fiat in our app. That way, every Guardian Circle user is also a NEX user, and we get an on and off ramp from our token to fiat. I know it’s early in the game, but I think all us dApp peeps would love an API to integrate our dApps to NEX.

(Guardian Circle) #3

On the note, two weeks ago I attended the Black Sea NEO Gathering in Tbilisi, Georgia with 15 other NEO dApp companies – this highlight reel gives a pretty good feel for what’s going on with at least those projects:

(Olu ) #4

Really impressive. I totally enjoyed the video! It would certainly go a long way if users of Guardian Circle seamlessly became NEX users :muscle::+1:

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(Guardian Circle) #5

Yes agreed – API’ing NEX into every NEO dApp seems the FASTEST way to get to a billion NEX users. Every dApp is dying for a solution to this ‘credit card / fiat to my token’ issue. Whoever solves it for us all first is going to do very well indeed.

(Olu ) #6

When NEX achieves this, :fire::boom::fireworks::tada:

(Dilligaf) #7

Hack a centralized exchange, steal the money on the accounts, make people lose faith in centralized exchanges.

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(Hitesh) #9

Fiat Gateways are going to be the major incentive for mass adoption. Particularly in a bull run, if one is able to on-board to his favorite token in seconds, why would be prefer any other exchange.

(Rory) #10

There’s a strong sense of “build it and they will come” in the crypto space because 1) we have to have a working product better than what’s out there to gain adoption and 2) we’ve seen it happen before with exchanges like Binance. However, I feel that we definitely need to couple that approach with a mix of both organic growth (ie what Fabio referenced with users spreading the word/referrals) and more traditional marketing/advertising.

Organic growth will only get you so far. If you want mass adoption, especially to reach those outside of the crypto space, I think some well-produced content (think something like this) to introduce people who are new to the whole idea would be great.

(Olu ) #11

Absolutely profound! It would be a mistake to rely on tech and organic growth alone, if mass adoption is the goal, especially with all the competition around.

Guys, what are your thoughts on having an official Facebook/Instagram page for NEX? Unlike Telegram, Facebook is a pretty established platform with real, everyday people. If you want to reach the masses, you cannot afford to be a social media snob.

(Lennystyles) #12

On a daily basis I struggle filtering noise from signal.
I have to use several sources to find the info on markets/developments etc.
Fabio said NEX has a whole team of researchers which keep up with the tech developments etc and then provide this in a concise format to the team. Maybe a public format of this can be displayed on the exchange website. Similar to something like the Nasdaq homepage you will be able to see the markets and news snippets of what has been going on in the industry.
Once they are on your platform for their daily news update, the transition to using it for purchase becomes easier.
This way the NEX platform becomes the one stop for all things crypto.
Just a thought :wink:

(Olu ) #13

Exciting to mention NASDAQ haha. I hear Coinbase is getting licences in all 50 states of the USA in the hopes of competing with the likes of NASDAQ.
The NEX team is not sleeping either. In a way, I feel they are constrained as to how much they can share until the exchange is live…

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(Nex 4 Ever) #14

Mass adoption will require a “Bold” ecosystem where different microservices compose a symphony orchestra. An environment where people don’t want to leave when they have entered. Kind of a magic environment that is full of energy. That is the ultimate marketing NEX should aim for in long-term. Short-Term a decent tradional marketing strategy might help to get first users using the platform. In short if you take care of your customer they will take care of you business success.

(Mdk757) #15

very good question. I actually would like to ask @clare to help us with that. Clare, I have almost 11K followers and LinkedIn and i do post about NEX. I’ve noticed if I have a picture or a link to a medium article in my post I usually get around 600 views, not much, not very catchy stuff. One time i’ve posted a short video, not relating to NEX, and got close to 1.5k views. On that note, I would like to ask you to create little advertisements for us. Ideally I would say a short video or GIF, advertising NEX, its features etc, maybe 20-30 seconds (i found it perfect for linkedin posts, people usually skip quickly videos that are over 1 minute long) accompanied by a short text written in professional language. I am sure all members would gladly spread a word about NEX this way as well. We all have social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook where we can advertise NEX. May be 2 or 3 times a month different Gif/video with some text would be perfect. But as always, quality over quantity. So what do yo think Clare ? Do you think it’s a good idea to implement? Thank you

(Harrison P) #16

I am not sure about the size of our community anymore but let’s say the 70K followers on NEX are really part of the core of this community… or at least half of them : 35k people.
We should be trained on how to promote NEX by at least knowing the benefits of NEX:
Compared to the competition (to get other crypto traders onto the NEX platform.
When launched, with using prime brokerage tools on NEX compared to current competitors (broader knowledge here).

If we know what we talk about, better than just enough, we could make sure to bring in users ourselves as well. Say each one of us 35K bring in 5 users, that’s 875K users.
(yes that is a lot of if but even bringing half the amount that way is still huge).
Then you must add the quality of the prospect you bring in into the equation (e.g. will they often use the platform) but that is another story :sweat_smile:

(clare s) #17

Hi there @mdk757 - thank you for your generosity! The team is actively working on content much like you describe. We would love for you to share across your channels when the materials are released.

Be well,

(Mdk757) #18

sounds good @clare , keep us posted

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(Rory) #19

Glad to hear. I love these sorts of videos that succinctly get across the purpose of what a product is and the basics of how it works. Here’s an excellent example from TransferWise:

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(Nashrimpy) #20

I totally agree with you.

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