Marketing NEX for mass adoption

(Guardian Circle) #21

Agree with @mdk757 on hitting the ‘mainstream’ channels. I’ve got 66.4K on Twitter and a blue check, I am totally willing to help spread NEX materials when the time comes. 13%20PM

(Seidler) #22

We just need NEX to give the green light for this,
And for them to give the green light, they need to have the project running.

(Olu ) #23

Really remarkable following! :+1:t5:
And you are already passionate about NEX so that’s a plus.

(Nex Azure) #24

@GuardianCircle Nice to have you in the NEX Community.

(Malik) #25

Right now total crypto market cap is testing 100 billion dollars. Its had to imagine what will be happen in ten years tbh. Hoping cryto/blockchain still have a future

(Rory) #26

None of us know for sure what will happen, but clearly a lot of the big financial institutions must see a future there if they’re committing to it in a big way (Bakkt, Fidelity Digital Assets, ErisX, etc). I honestly feel like although it’s still kinda the wild west, those days are almost over and soon it’ll be a much more regulated space.

(Olu ) #27

Can’t agree more. It has been depressing lately but the fundamentals point to mass adoption eventually. Fingers crossed.