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dear NEX Founders and community, I have few questions about licenses. I am aware that in order to list for neon Exchange the NEX token it needs to have security dealers license, so at what stage that process at? I mean like did NEX already applied for it? Also does that license give neon Exchange a right to list other European securities for example Vodafone? Also, since NEX is a registered European security can it be listed on traditional European exchanges, for example London Stock Exchange? If yes, what needs to happen for Nex to be listed there? Another question about licenses I have is that in order to be tradable in the United States what kind of licenses does NEX steam need to have? Have you already applied for them? When and if NEX gets that license, can it be listed on NASDAQ for example? Does NEX team plan to expand into Asia in terms of Licensing? Thank you very much
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A lot of good questions there! Hopefully get some of them answered by the team

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Great questions.

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These questions were well thought out.

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Great questions indeed! I’m looking forward to this answer :smile:

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I’ll be watching this thread. Was about to post asking about the status of the license as well.

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why not tag some NEX team members , for a quicker response because i think they are very busy to go through all the threads.

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Let them do their work… Just wait and you will see in a few weeks more result, probably Q1 , 2019 you hear more about the license etc…

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Good questions!

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Great questions :+1:t5:

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would be great if the team can address to these questions :slight_smile:

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great question watching this thread

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Very good questions.
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Great questions indeed! I’m looking forward to this answer :smile:

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Questions regarding License
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more openness and transparency about the license status.

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Very good question. I think team will reply.

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Also waiting for the teams response

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Great questions, could be formatted better… However, I too will be watching this thread for a reply!

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These are important questions, I’m sure the NEX knows that what this topic should give us more information. Since this does not happen I think that it falls in the area they do not disclose publicly so that it is not copied by dozens of other same.