Legal framework

When applying for a listing, Nash ask an amount of money to cover legal costs. I’m curious what these legal costs are ? What are the requirements for a token to get listed and what kind of coins are not possible get listed because of the legal framework ?

It has been said that only main net and legal compliance tokens will be listed. The legal compliance to be determined by the team’s legal team for which their service to offer the legal opinion is what the legal costs entail

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Lol. Binance DEX charges $100,000 to list a token and does not even explain what it is used for. But here you are curious what $10,000 legal fees are :sweat_smile:
Read here.
If you’ve ever consulted a lawyer, you’d know that $10,000 is a modest charge for this kind of service.

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what you need are available here.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the 10.000$ is very good for the crypto space.

I’m just curious from a token issuer perspective. If I want to apply for listing, what are the things my coin has to legally abide by ?

What are the situations that a token is not eligible to list ? I read the “legal framework” but I can’t quite figure out.

Have you tried filling out the form for applying for listing? If you have, you’d probably have a good idea of what makes a coin eligible for listing on the Nash platform.
There’s the legal aspect and also the reputation or quality of the token/token issuer to be considered.
I would imagine that if a token issuer is turned down, they’d be told why.

i believe as long as the legal team deems the token as a high quality project and that it helps in the economic value of cryptocurrency and finance industry, and also doesnt break rules of jurisdictions that nash is operating in, they can be listed. Just my opinion.
Im recalling from an AMA in one of the quarter reports that u can find in their youtube and other social names. “nashsocial”

And you can also try to use more search engine that is provided in this forum… i found this by searching “listing”