Elrond Initiates Cooperation With Nash

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Clarification: we have been iterating on the listing procedure and they are applying.

  • Nash does not list non-mainnet tokens and any project applying needs to submit a series of legal documentation that needs to be reviewed. Since there is costs associated with the review (that we paid for initial markets) those projects that agree with the listing procedure also agree to honor the legal review cost (currently USD$10,000).

Thanks clearing up the situation! Wonder why they published this given the above…

@NEOGASRPX they are working with us, so they are communicating that. Listing new chains in Nash is not as simple as centralized exchanges.


This is why I love the community so much. A clear response to a possible issue

So we baiscally have a listing fee of 10,000 which is subject to legal review and non refundable

More less, they are paying for a legal review so they receive it. Nash is concerned with the outcome :smiley:

In Elrond case: they have still not gone through that, they have a testnet coming soon so we are discussing what kind of features would easy Nash integration in the future. If promising projects follow this path (and I hope they do: listing@nash.io) this may be strong turn-around for Nash to support those new chains and compete with the integration speed of centralized exchanges.


Very reasonable and modest.
There is no reason why Nash should bear the cost of a legal review for listings, however, this is neither arbitrary pricing nor a money grab, unlike you-know-who :sweat_smile:

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reasonable and the “fees” are for legal reasons, not nash earning from it.

But may i clarify, is the fees for new chain…or for all listing(even all ERC-20).

and also what if the team already consulted the legal side in their local country(eg. Singapore) that they are not securities? Do they still need to go through another round? @canesin

Also, its great that canesin shared the email so projects will now know who to contact… will nash have an official announcement or page that projects can go to for listing process?

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They need to go on another round, as we need assurance from a legal team we trust.