Is Nash actually trying to build a keyless crypto wallet?

After reading Peter Schiffs tweet who lost his BTC because the whole onboarding experience is too complicated for the avg Joe I was wondering if MPC is fixing this?!

I found out about Zengo who offers a keyless crypto wallet - Is Nash trying the same?

And lets be honest…some noobs registering for the 1st time are confronted with

  1. Email
  2. PSW
  3. Pins
  4. 24 word keyphrase
  5. Public Keys
  6. Private Keys
  7. More Blockchain Keys

Took me a couple of months to learn what is needed & crucial. It is a pain in the a$$ for me still.

Until now all I was used to was EMail/PSW and that alone is a pain for hundreds of services. I was super glad finding LastPass at one point.

It will take years to onboard mainstream if this doesnt change.

Thats probably because people are used to centralized sites more or less or bad dex’es which indeed works like that an even that was hard for beginners, if you want to be Safe they need some layers to go through but as we know nothing was build in one day and they will figure it out, maybe not tomorrow but they will make it easier, I strongly suggest most people take some time at how things and processes in the real world work, it takes a lot of time and effort especially with groundbreaking tech, if it was easy they could just copy a framework and do the same stupid stuff we are now dealing with,
just my thoughts

Chris said this morning:

That being said, don’t expect wonders right away. It will take many rounds of iteration to achieve great UX.

I find the current sign-up process quite clear. But I’m not completely new to crypto, so obviously it’s a biased opinion.

Now we can’t even attract “crypto enthusiasts”, why on earth do we speak about simplified sign-up process? (rhetorical)

I agree with you. Probably not the majority of their bandwidth is going into this though. (Else I’d also be wondering why less than 95% of their tech team is dedicated to trading experience and trading pairs)

people will need to learn as well, and will over time. You can protect users and be simple as you can be, but wallets warn in bold and extensively to secure the private key or pass phrase. Ignoring that when storing assets with real money value is your own risk. Can’t expect exchanges to make it so simple that it compromises security. That said, nash can definitely improve.

I just tested Zengo and it is probably the easiest signup I have ever done…even easier than centralized Social Media lol

Not sure how secure this is but do we ever know?

Quite impressive… @canesin u should check them out

Hi @asus78 we are well aware of KZen (ZenGo company), as a matter of fact our engineers talk from time to time. We are using similar threshold-signature technology for MPC, difference is mainly on some process transparent to the user and how we treat backups. They encrypt the key material using a facemap (think “face ID”) and upload it to your Google account or iCloud, we display the 12 words and let the user backup as they wish.

Regarding access, for on-boarding and use on mobile the process will be as fast, the difference is when accessing the Nash platform from the web. For that there is a bit more complication so we can’t go away passwords just yet (we might in mid term).


Sounds great…yeah this technology should become standard. I like that I will have the option to save my 24 words. Makes u feel more secure in case something happens to your face (aging/accident etc.) :smiley: