In cased you missed the best post ever, here it is 🔊

Regarding speed, Nash is by far the fastest. We are live for 11 months, counting a bit less than 2 years from capital raise. In this period we have public released:

  • Layer-2 state channels for ETH, NEO and BTC. Which DEX has that?
  • Non-custodial cross chain orders. Which DEX has that?
  • Cross-chain BTC trading. Which DEX has that?
  • Decentralized API keys. Which DEX has that?
  • Non-custodial web and mobile wallets. Which DEX has that?

And yes, we are waiting for legal approval to release:

  • Our own fiat ramp at zero fees. Which DEX has that?
  • Payment system for merchants. Which DEX has that?

This not to include all the SDKs and plugins supporting those efforts and integrations like this very own community.

There are entire projects that are promising or working on delivering just one of those things and have been running for longer and raised more capital. :partying_face::handshake:


Who said this? When? In what context? Please use the Quote feature of this forum to make reading pleasant and efficient. Like so:

And most importantly, please organize your thoughts before posting. You’re creating so many threads you are actually diluting valuable content in shower thoughts. Why don’t you limit yourself to one well thought-out post every week for now. Call it the “Radu weekly” and gather all quotes from this forum, Twitter and Telegram, so community members who have less time can check your post to get a summary of the week. I’m sure that would be very appreciated :wink:


Long time lurker - I just registered / signed in to second that motion.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm and the information, it is just taking away the focus from other topics which may also be important to the project.


:grin: Will post on Twitter then, since most of us from the community already know this :handshake:

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something doesn’t feel right about this situation, there are other points of view that need to be considered.

Judging by the 28 thumbs up on his post, I don’t think there are any other major angles to it. Seems like most people agree. The Radu Round-up would be…rad :wink:

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I liked it too.