Are we moving fast enough?

Are we going to slow??
Feels like it. lots of Dex’s and wallets intergrating with uniswap 1inch etc etc, and we have only just enabled the mobile connect feature - Should have been one of the first things done for the mobile wallet as we don’t other much on our exchange. feels like we started with the good ideas then other companys move fast and use them. We need some traction quickly - been hearing about licenses for a little while now, which is always the default response, don’t bring me problems bring me solutions.

Interesting to hear what other people have to say about the above.

I wont extend into much detail but personally I would just like to say the following:

nash is advancing at lightning speed, you just don’t observe it yet

  1. Investors and speculators only get satisfaction from receiving dividends, hence as we are not doing 5M-50M a day people immediately section this as moving slow

  2. Nash is in MVP, this may be getting old to for some investors to hear this, but nash isn’t ready to scream to the world about their wonderful products they developed. Why? Well due to the technical advancements nash has made in the crypto space they have to make a fully functional product is available and ready for the masses. As well as finding the proper market fit as fabio has mentioned

  3. High performance API keys as seen in the tweet today are starting to roll out, ethan has made mentions to working a bit on a coupling things to bootstrap volume, still have product development before networking to larger audience. Everyone is woking and after observing this amazing team I can honestly say we are approaching a more business aspect soon. But if they started now just to gain a bit of “traction” I may re consider my percentage in nash. I can’t stress enough the importance of time and place.

I have no idea when, but one day nash will be a huge tech giant in the crypto space if they keep doing the things they are doing, high performance non-custodial BTC trading: phenomenal. Amazed. Speechless. Don’t ever forget, that nash still has plans to launch globally and bring decentralized finance to everyone. So the solution: finishing proper market fit for our product and then taking it to the market with aggressive confidence. Creating referral programs that give a user nothing but benefits, and same with developers (Nash will create an incentives for you to develop dapps and tools). And lastly rolling out marketing and liquidity to transition into GA

Gaining traction has been something that has been addressed from the start. And that is that nash will build a community off of authenticity and real active daily users.


It sometimes feels slow to me too. But it’s only because I don’t know many things that are happening in the background. I realize that Nash is the future, the standard of the crypto space, and most likely because of my short sighted view at the moment, and my lack of knowledge in technology part, the building part (the infrastructure) I just don’t know how hard and how long it might take for things to be done.
For now I understand that I don’t understand a lot of things :grin: (sounds interesting) ( will enjoy every moment of this journey)


@cciebryan I will be honest, as it is usually one of my tasks to moderate the forum I am personally struggling if I should just delete this post or reply given the tone of the message.

It is good to threat others in the community as your equals, not to be entitled with things such as “with some valid arguments” (which I removed from the title as I edited it) or “don’t bring me problems bring me solutions”. Let’s keep that in check as we won’t tolerate such posture here.

Regarding the topic you said that “we need some traction quickly” before:

So far Bakkt apps are still not in the market.

Uniswap and 1inch are very simple applications, they don’t represent any measure of speed of development - one can do a Uniswap clone in a few hours with some starters.

Regarding speed, Nash is by far the fastest. We are live for 11 months, counting a bit less than 2 years from capital raise. In this period we have public released:

  • Layer-2 state channels for ETH, NEO and BTC. Which DEX has that?
  • Non-custodial cross chain orders. Which DEX has that?
  • Cross-chain BTC trading. Which DEX has that?
  • Decentralized API keys. Which DEX has that?
  • Non-custodial web and mobile wallets. Which DEX has that?

And yes, we are waiting for legal approval to release:

  • Our own fiat ramp at zero fees. Which DEX has that?
  • Payment system for merchants. Which DEX has that?

This not to include all the SDKs and plugins supporting those efforts and integrations like this very own community.

There are entire projects that are promising or working on delivering just one of those things and have been running for longer and raised more capital. I am pretty sure the community can enumerate a list - I will avoid to do so.


You showed the great quality of an worthy leader in this post. RESPECT
I believe continuing this way, the sky is not going to be the limit :handshake:
I am really proud to be a part of Nash.
I speak with confidence with anyone about Nash, I have never been so sure about anything like I am sure about Nash :handshake:
I will always follow the moral ethics that Nash are representing!


You are right. What other DEXES have that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Well said Fabio.

This will be a perfect example of where die hard supporters will be heavily rewarded for their faith and support in this project. I’m super confident and have never been so excited for what is to come.


I think Nash has grown a lot in the right direction in terms making of usable products for more serious users. I am personally waiting for FMA approval - to add some BTC and ETH to my stack - using NASH. I hope many will do the same as it’s more safe, less expensive and more easy to spend. I think a big obstacle for the longterm, is to attract risk averse people as well to this space. But the obstacle is the way!

Behind the scenes i think the business and regulations progresses are also nice. I hope we can see more of that when GA has fully unloaded.
As i am watching the whole crypto space from the sidelines. I think layer 2 state channel solutions in general, are still very underestimated and the missing link towards real adoption. So i am looking forward when NASH completely unloads. It also explains why Nash is so undervalued.

Many profitable projects at this very moment like the YEARN tokens and perhaps even Uniswap, are not sustainable and for sure overhyped. They mainly respond to one popular need in this space and that’s making shortterm profits. With low barriers they create enough liquidity for lot’s of projects. The downside is it attracts at lot of gamblers that create pumps and dumps, some will win and many lose eventually. The upside is these unstainable projects bring entertainment and partly forcing a new more established industry.

What they miss is the all-inclusive defi ecosystem like for example Nash is rolling out.


Just giving an opinion here. I wouldn’t look at promises, but look at products. Also don’t measure by price or volume but progress. The reason being: progress is the cause and products are the results. I think actually Nash is doing really well in both these areas.

Promises often tend to be just empty hype in crypto. The crypto market is also really irrational and very often fundamentals mean trash in the short term.

For comparison - ask yourself - what has more potential SushiSwap or the Nash ecosystem of products in the long run? Nash of course (but not saying SushiSwap is a bad idea either). SushiSwap is a mere overnight clone of Uniswap, but yet it’s circulating marketcap is $200m at the moment? Nash’s circulating market cap is $20m.

Remember Chainlink back in 2017-2018? Their forums often had posts like “why isn’t the team advertising”, “chainlink isn’t advertising” wah wah - instead they were focusing on product and look where they are now. Not saying Nash will follow the same outcome, but focusing on good product development without hyping it up does not necessarily predict a loser.

Having said that, there is always risk and that’s just the nature of investing.


Yes, good thing is nash team never took advantage of revolutionary tech That they build on nash, like hyping price of nex thats why the nex price is stable. Its been a year in between many cefi, defi, saving, farming, mining, Swap etc popup And toke market attention, so we r in far corner in shadow No doubt but team has keep building in whole time, Now the time has come to real adoption of team vision and mission to come in to life Step by stem, which should be loud n clear to crypto community