If you could change one aspect of the current NEX Extension, what would it be?

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Good question. I think the tab bar at the bottom is a bit confusing. I’m talking about the centre page in the picture. People are used to having it at the top I think.

But that’s maybe just a matter of taste and what i’m used to :slight_smile:

I would like to find people using their email address. Maybe this can be implemented when sending money.

I believe the button with the main net should not be visible for people, as this will be directed for new users they should not be able to play with it so easy.


Maybe hide the currency selector, put it in the options. BTC/$ as default.

You can use the new NEO domains for that maybe since I would rather not have my public e-mail somewhere on the extensions! But NEX might integrat NEO domains to so you can send me a transaction to len.neo for example instead of the whole string.

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Not public, in the background.

You type in the email address and the name will show just to confirm that is the correct person.

Send my feedback but just in case it get overlooked.

When you pick a contact to send the funds to it should show the adres under the name.
Right now i have to pick my tokens and review the adres once my tokens are ready to be send.
I feel like this is a little too risky just in case someone has a fat finger.


Firefox support would be really good, using firefox as a main browser but having to switch to chrome for the nex community and extension is a pain

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have sent in my thoughts regarding having custom logo for contacts so it is easily recognisable by users and also makes it less likely to send funds to wrong person.

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Potentially an option to hide the amount available in the wallet. Now I’m quite REKT :sweat_smile: so it’s not so impressive, but once the market turns and law and behold im trading/paying in public I wouldn’t want any unnecessary attention :slight_smile:

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It might be nice if the Chrome extension app remained “open”, i.e. a small window, so that I don’t have to click the NEX icon each time I leave a webpage and then return. Possibly you’ve done this for security?

I know the account is local, but increasing the security of the extension/suite can be better.

Feature requests:

  1. Two-factor authentication (2FA) that supports Google authenticator/Lastpass authenticator etc. Giving us security-minded users the option to use it, just like many exchanges do.

  2. Json import function, there is an export function but not an import function.

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They definitely need to implement 2FA with Authy/Google authenticator etc.

If we are expected to transfer coins from our Ledger Nano or other hardware wallets to the NEX extension we at least need an extra layer of security to protect our investments.


Anything that requires more than 1 text input on NEX is a pain because if you need to copy them from somewhere else the extension closes after losing focus and you have to start from the beginning again. I really dislike this aspect.


This. Need to go back to contact list every time to double check.

Also: when sending funds, please have the balance clickable to set the current balance as the amount for max transfers.


Password change option + 2FA would be great

It 'll be great if we had a little bit info when we put the mouse over the nex extension like :

  • price
  • link
  • news
  • notifications
  • statue

something like that :sunglasses: :


There are couple features would like to see in upcoming NEX extension.
#1. 2FA: 2 Factor authentication like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.
#2. Add NASH community page/column e.g: latest/trending post, news, event.
#3. Price conversion in BTC.
#4. Token dragging option e.g: let’s say I want to keep NEX at the top instead of NEO and GAS.
#5. Logo Update


Word clarification:

what “password” to use, difference btween password and passphrase when signing in with an encrypted private key.

And i’d like to know the reason behind the “color”. I have to “set it” again every time I sign in. Don’t understand that. Whats the reason behind this?

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