If you could change one aspect of the current NEX Extension, what would it be?

I’m doing a very thorough copy review for all aspects of the system, including the new Extension. Consistency for terms like this is very important, and it’s being given plenty of attention :slight_smile:


This might sound trivial but when you log into the extension and click on the top right corner three lines, it goes to a page which shows; sign-out, accounts, and nodes. if I want to go back to the previous screen, I have to click on the “X” icon in the top right corner. I thought the “X” would close the entire extension on using the extension for the first time. Changing the “X” to “<—” will help.


Step 1: Click on NEX Extension icon (top-right) and login
Step 2: Login with credentials
Step 3: Input community.nash.io
Step 4: Click login to community
Step 5: Splash page loads > click login to community
Step 6: Pop-up (top left corner) to verify addresses
Step 7: Input password once more

I may be doing it all wrong, but it currently takes me 7 steps to login to the community forum (using Google chrome). I’m so used to this now, but occasionally I find it annoying that there are so many steps. I’ve attempted to login to the community forum directly, but it’s forced me to login to the extension first…again, I may be doing it all wrong but this current process is not preferred; hope it changes soon.

@hypotheticalidentity do you use incognito mode? Because I visit regularly and the browser cache remembers me, so I don’t have to log in every time. But when I go incognito I have to take all your steps to login, so that’s probably it.

Sorry if this has been said already (TLDR):

  • an easy access to this forum ?! :slight_smile:

When the mobile apps are released, we will be able to use the forum through that. Not just get logged in and use it through mobile like a lot of us do now, but register without needing to use the Nex extension

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Call the NEX extension in the future Nextension, sounds better in my opinion :smiley:

Add a way of OTC trading with your “contacts”.
Thinking of something like a trade in World of Warcraft:

  1. Person A insert coins + Person B insert coins
  2. Both see the coins they want to trade
  3. Both have to confirm the trade --> no changes are possible anymore
  4. Execute the trade with the transactions on the blockchain

For this every token (no matter if listed or not) should be able to be implemented by giving the user the option to enter the token hash. This would be a great service from nash to the community.


  • attract people from the OTC market
  • save solution trading tokens with an OTC solution
  • people will propagate nash


  • not part of the matching engine
  • every tokens are possible to trade OTC (regulation)

What are your opinions on this? Feel free to share your thoughts :smiley:


lol, it has to be through Matching Engine

Why? There is no matching needed because I have found my trading partner by myself. An execution at the same time for both transactions has to be realized. For this I do not think the matching engine is necessary.

if Matching Engine is not needed, then there will be no fees generated for dividend.so even if you found a trading partner by yourself, i suggest it has to go through the ME and the fee has to be collected

@BaClaire no need to censor ideas - this OTC feature is something we have thought about ourselves for a good while back, has just not been in the priority list. We wanted to make fees on it also, but the user trading could choose where the fees would go from a list of non-profits.


2FA as others have suggested however I’d like the option to use U2F style hardware devices such as yubikey or the U2F app on Ledger Nano.

If there is OTC without fee then why will people buy NEX to stake if the exchange can’t generate fee to pay them? It sounds very funny to me.

Ok I got it, thanks

Well, it sounds strange that’s true, but when nash take fees (in %) from the traded tokens this will also end up in a bad situation.

Example OTC trade (rnd numbers used):

                   500 nano against 15000 modex

When both coins are not listed from nash, fees from these tokens won’t make sense. The reason is because nash can’t transform the collected fees to relevant tokens for the claim. Additionally a really low volume on these tokens will create a nonsense of dust for us shareholders who are staking nex.

The same thing will happen when people want to trade non-fungible tokens through the OTC feature. In this case you can’t even split them up.

A solution could be to pay a fixed amount for an OTC trade. I guess that is what @canesin meant with:

Id like it to be easier to switch between my ‘favourite’ currencies on the portfolio part. eg, btc, usd, eur. At the moment i have to scroll down thru loads of random ones

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Nice. So you mean, the most used currencies are automatically pushed to the top of the list?

yes, that would work. i was thinking of tick boxes in the settings or similar but your way is simpler

That’s a second factor authentication, why not just integrate the (Google) 2FA- timely generated codes to be safe allot more.

I added in the survey the need for a handy manner to choose the amount one wants to send with something like a ‘‘percentage bar-shift’’, at this moment I’m always copy-pasting the max amount of my fund to send it all.