I can not access nex extension


hello, after the update of nex extension to 0.1.27 my user is not staying in the wallet and he does not allow me to enter, can you tell us what happens and how do we solve this?

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Seems like a general problem, try logging in using your encrypted key


Hi, thanks for the information; I could access my extension in that way, but I feel better accessing with the user and password

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ur password and id are stored locally so you might not be able to use them after update. Try using the encrypted key and everything will be ok.


I have connected by my encrypted key, but I would like to continue to connect with my username and password, I have tried several times to recover my account, but after I close it my user is not stored, what will be the solution?
or wait for NEX support to do so?

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After the update I could not use it either for now im just using my encrypted key to log in . lets wait and see if there will be any fix from NEX.


hahahaha, we have to wait for the solution from NEX since we have the same problem, thank you very much for your information.

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Hey, @magic I just made a video about this, you can watch it here:

Extension: Username not stored locally
Change password in NEX Extension
Is it Possible to Change Extension Password?

Hi @canesin, thank you very much for your information.

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Highly recomended video thx :+1: