Extension: Username not stored locally

I have almost everyday the message, your username is not stored locally when try to login into the nex extension. Now is recover your account no problem, that works for like 1 day. But again the next day I have to recover my account again.

Anyone have the same problem and know what to do?

it seems to be a general problem that occurred after the update of the extension, your username and password are stored locally, maybe that’s why you can not enter, use your encrypted key and you can do it if inconvenient.

@Dennis have a look at the video I made here in ( I can not access nex extension ) … make sure you are running at least version 0.1.28 of the extension. I show how to force the update in the video.


This works to recover the account. However, if I log out or come back later and it logs me out automatically - I have to recover the account every single time. It simply does not store my username and password locally ever even after recovering the account. Its extremely annoying having to log in via recovery every single time. Any thoughts?

@Boubou On the video above I demonstrate how to import a existing wallet when creating an account. This way the new setup will be saved on the device using the wallet that you choose and you will not need to enter the data every time.

I have linked to the specific moment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTxOSj_xSKQ&feature=youtu.be&t=556