How our community feels like for me

Super polite.

Discouraging :disappointed:

No noobs tolerated ( again polite intolerance)

Smart ( but not sharing the knowledge, only the feedback on the product, I am off a little here with some people)

Doesn’t feel like I belong here, even if I am trying.

Expressed above feedback is not toward Nash, just the community.

Again: I don’t find the communication in writing to be efficient (if you don’t see what I mean, and my intentions, this is because of luck in communication skills and people are oriented to see mostly from their point of view)

Hopefully my feedback will help Nash grow and Community members.

If you want, share how you feel in the community?

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Hi Radu,

You are a part of this community, of course we want you here. It’s just your rate of posting is just too much, I worry you might be suffocating some of the other discussions. Looking over some the latest posts I see your icon on almost 50% of the topics. This is just too much posting for any one person in the community in my opinion. Maybe just post a little less. I think we love how passionate you are and want to hear your voice. Just simply post less frequently.


build something for the community…a tool…a sticker or something your would like- :earth_asia: and the community will gonna use it.made by radu!! there is always something you can do and succeed at.

I’ve no doubt that you’re well-intentioned but I think you are putting too much pressure on yourself to market Nash to the masses and to be validated by the community. That being said, feel free to post whatever you wish, whenever you wish, but, based on recent feedback from the community, you should consider >> AFK

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Hey Radu! I got my account verified just to comment about this towards you. I have been a part of the Nash community since February of last year and I have not posted once at all. I have done my fair share of just learning from the community about the project and educating myself. That isn’t to say there is no place for noobs in this community, but as a noob, the first thing you should be doing is listening to the people that have been here for so long and trying to learn. This isn’t a community that needs to educate newcomers either. Because at the end of the day Nash functions as a business with us as investors trying to stay in the loop and updated. If you feel like you don’t belong here, it is not up to the community members to coddle you. At the end of the day we are all trying to make money on this project and your posts can sometimes come off as a bit sycophantic and lacking substance.


I do appreciate your unbridled positivity and your search for an outlet to help! I don’t think any of your community peers want to scare you away or want to scare off future community members. It’s just quality posts outweigh quantity posts for the forum for the most part. I would consider myself one of the few Nash whales and I haven’t posted at all in this community. We can all help serve in different ways and your gifting is definitely your positivity. So take that positivity where people don’t know about Nash and start educating them with the things you have learned on here. Whether it’s the youtube scene, twitter, reddit or what have you, your persistence and perseverence is a weapon that I’m sure many of the community members can see would be a large help to the community.


Thank you :handshake:

Thank you :handshake:

Got it. Thank you :handshake:

Radu, maybe you should join the Official Nash Telegram and chat there too, the way you post a lot seems geared more towards something like a chat room than a forum.

Join here:


I will orient my focus toward new people, everyone who joined already will not be my focus anymore.
Thank you for suggestion :handshake:

Really I didn’t mean this post to be about me.
I just wanted to see how people feel in our community, and maybe, just maybe by looking at the feedback we can improve it.


Hey Radu, I share the same passion as you. I truly believe the future is here and I scream and shout to anyone who will listen (in person). I can see the fire under the belly in you when any topic regarding nash is present. Trust me man I’m just like you.

From one to community member to another, I love your passion! But Nash is a professional team, so let’s make this forum as professional and attractive as possible!


Hi Radu,

@at_least_i_have_chic put this right. Of course we want you here and it’s great to see how passionate you are about Nash, just like most of us here.

Just understand that the frequency of your posting can come across as annoying. For example, I try to go through the threads once or twice a day to see if I see useful information. When I notice that 1 person posts about all kinds of topics, it is annoying and it takes too much of my time and as a result I don’t like to visit the forum as much.

I’m know you understand what we are saying. Stay with us, keep posting useful things, but maybe just hold back a little. :smile:


@Monkey thanks for making it official :smile:. We are glad that you are here.

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Probably all of this was done so @Monkey can come out of the shadow :grinning:. There is always a meaning behind some event :upside_down_face: The :whale: @Monkey ( sounds great) :smiley:

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Well i felt like im a part of community before i was banned in telegram for nothing.

Hello @Scuzzle
Making mistakes is non avoidable, and this is true for everyone (Nash team or community).
Maybe try to change your focus, think of it as (the moderator miss understood you, and you should not be affected) try to get your point across if you believe is important, and cheer up. Everyone who is ever writing something has the chance to be misunderstood.
I value each member of Nash community, and you are one of them. We are the winning team. Get back your confidence and enjoy the community :partying_face: :handshake:
( I know that I am back on my feet, even if it takes some understanding )


Well im 100% sure that admin misunderstood me. Thats why other tg channels have bans limited by time.

But here you are out of community forever. That shows the real attitude to the community.

I doubt that strong communities are build the way like that.

In my opinion you are right from your point of view.
From my point of view, what I see is, a new team that is trying to do their best and it’s inevitable to make mistakes, a team that is moving super fast and accidents along the way are inevitable.
You are here, and this is important. (hopefully team Nash will find some value in people’s feedback)
@Scuzzle you are awesome, I am awesome, everyone is awesome :grin: just sometimes we are wrong, and this doesn’t change the fact that we are awesome :upside_down_face::handshake:

Welcome to Radu’s diary :slight_smile: I’d like to see topics about technical and developmental aspects of nash rather than individual feelings and expectations


Do you think that people’s feelings towards the company is less important than the actual tech? Or is of no importance?
It’s a feedback for Nash on how people that want to express themselves feel about Nash.
You have no right to discount that, and because of people oriented to criticize more then share how they feel, less people are willing to share. Just to avoid criticism like this.
This is just one part of the enormous machine but is not at all less important then any other parts of it.

I will choose Apple over Android only because of my feelings ( they both will satisfy my needs )