How is my "extension account" associated with my "exchange account"?

I invested within the ICO and created my nash extension account in 2018. There was a page for the ICO that was only accessible after logging in to the extension. I can not find that page anymore. Is it still there?
Then I created my account at after I got my early access code earlier this year.
But how is this account associated with my extension account and my wallet? I can not see any reference between these two.


The beta accounts were throwaways. I’m pretty sure that our current accounts is what we will use on Nash.

Not exactly what I meant.
I am not talking about the beta accounts. I am talking about the account we all are collecting ref’s on.
I have this account (I assume this will be my later exchange account).
But how is it associated with my extension account (wallet) I used for KYC earlier in the ICO phase?

I see what you’re saying; it seems as if its 2 separate entities. I sign into with email, but extension and community with username.

My assumption would be that for a good user experience, they avoided the extension and allowed signups with email account only. For the ICO, (and community login) they required a NEO address and in the case of community, proof of NEX to participate. Not something they could do with just an email.

I think they will end up connecting the two later. The extension is ok for now, but it doesn’t have an ETH address associated with it. My guess would be that once you are logged into the email account, you will be presented with creating a wallet (to add $25 to validate your account) It’s at this time it will ask for you to be logged into the extension as well and it will link the 2 and the other under lying addresses (ETH, LTC, BTC, etc)

You’ll then be able to see balances and look at your account via email login, but you wont be able to do any transactions without verification logon to the extension.

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@murder_toy is mainly correct. The MVP and the extension accounts will not be connected. We will integrate both when we introduce multiple accounts into the funds platform so in the future you will be able to import an existing wallet using the backup codes or encrypted keys. Unfortunately that is not going to be live in the next deployment.