Hopefully Marketing for Nash will be more aggressive because right now it is very conservative!

Sorry to say that but there are so many missed opportunities with email marketing, social media etc.

Just now there was the hack of Upbit and plenty of brands use this to comment and create awareness for their Dex. They all do except for Nash. Not sure why, even at MVP stage it makes sense to create awareness. I think they call it Grassroots Marketing!

Anyway…hopefully it will change soon :-/


Is not in line with our company image and voice to use a tragic event to promote ourselves. In my opinion is extremely distasteful to use it nominaly as some of the examples.
How many new users are those services winning with it ? It sounds more damaging to the industry image than beneficial for their goals.

Regarding our unique selling proposition on security we promote it regularly on several channels.


i agree with fabio. taking advantage of a situation where people lost a lot of money isn’t the honorable thing to do.

it’s sad to see some people in this community get excited over an exchange hack and then force a promotion of nash as the answer.

i believe nash will achieve their goals in the future without having to result to low petty attacks on other exchanges.

re. the hack, yes, Nash solves the problem but Nash should not be seen to be publicly celebrating the problem.

Of course u shouldnt promote Nash on top of the tragedy of others. There are smarter ways to appear without hurting its image. (See Ethans post - Probably one of his most successfull) - My point is…use your Nash twitter handle more (comments, likes etc.). It drives immense awareness for Nash with the community behind engaging with those tweets.

Oh and pls dont forget Email Marketing - It is the most effective channel and will convert plenty of registrants into active tickets!

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Ethan made a comment about it. I don’t think it’s really taking advantage of a tragedy, these are the best times to let people know about alternatives because the only time the average person cares about security is when a hack happens and is in the news. If you get even one person to wake up and start using a Dex then it’s worth it and for the greater-good of the crypto space. Even if Nash does not decide to go that route every community member with a twitter account could promote Nash in the replies if they really wanted to though. To me it’s a natural thing, to promote Nash when this kind of thing happens is exactly what I would do in person if someone talked to me about the incident I would say “that’s why you should control your keys on an exchange like Nash”. I think bold communication like that which appeared on the Forbes article "This New Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Can’t Be Hacked" is quite effective. That created the most buzz for Nash that I’ve seen so far. People really get worked up when you make bold statements like that and it generated attention. When you have the tech to back up your boldness then I don’t see anything crass about it. IMO anyway.


I agree…if communicated right there shouldnt be a problem. Nash Marketing is really super conservative as of now. I have no idea why. Take some minor risks instead of hiding. Who u trying to impress with such strategy?


Hello, guys!

Haven’t visited the community forum for commenting for a long time but this discussion has taken my attention.

I think that marketing can be more wider than good and laconic slogan – non-custodial solution for users. Maybe not now, maybe after half of year when main trading functionality will be done and tested by time, when user can receive enough liquidity.

All we know recent news about WhatsApp backdoors. And what reaction we see from concurrent such as Telegram – Pavel Durov uses these mistakes for promoting their app as a more security messenger for users: “In May, I predicted that backdoors in WhatsApp would keep getting discovered, and one serious security issue would follow another, as it did in the past…”

It isn’t a bad behavior, it’s a care of users, warning about possible risks. And for Nash I suppose that similar reminders is necessary for mass adoption.

And last, I think that promoting shouldn’t be only with non-custodial slogan for users. It’s should be more simple and clear for users as not hackable, you rule your funds and other same manners. Think that #TrustYourselves is a nice example but it can have a more different approaches in the future.

Best regards.


I totally agree yet again…I am not sure why @canesin sees is as bad marketing. The Forbes article shared at the right time was def their most successful in terms of buzz & traffic. They just dont use their twitter handle to its full promotional power. It is more like Nash doesnt have a voice at all right now. Just a few generic announcements…

We are marketing Nash everywhere we go – when someone asks us where they can get $GUARD, I point them to Nash first. Was just in Panama and Singapore (CMC conf + BlockShow Asia) demoing / speaking, brought it up as much as I could. I was also on a YouTube channel with 3.5M subs last week (video drops this week) called Tipsy Bartender, brought Nash up there. I’m pushing on my end. :slight_smile:


for nash to go in heavy on marketing right now would be kind of a waste considering there is no btc pairing. there’s no incentive to join now beside storing your bitcoin.

once people can store and trade their bitcoin, then it makes a lot more sense.


BTC - then marketing


Not having USDT will be the main reason of low volume, even with BTC: image


BLK - Not being worked, legal uncertainty.

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I am still impressed how many people are using the term ‘marketing’ without knowing what it means. Most people in this community use it as a synonym for promotion or advertising which is just wrong.

I totally agree with @DailyNexEater here:

and in combination with @sharkie “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”.
For me we are not at this point. To be honest, if I wouldn’t be invested in NASH, I probably would not come back to it anytime soon, given my first impressions and experiences during the time until now.

Well, I know that they won’t list it. That’s why we are doomed.

I couldn’t agree more.

There is no way we will reach 100m/day within 6 months of launch in volume without USDT pairs.

Liquidity is in USDT and I don’t think this fact is gonna change anytime soon.

Tether is not specially my favorite stablecoin, but people trade it like crazy. It might be worth analyzing the legal aspect of it further if necessary so that it could be implemented in the exchange, especially if the team aims to achieve business profitability or breakeven (at least) at some point in the not so distant future.

I believe once the DEX is open to the wider public, add new key markets (BCH, LTC, DASH) and we have BTC pairs, current volume will increase by about 30-50 times. Still even with that expected increase, we won’t see more than 1-2m/day. Prove me wrong on this, please.

Note: I did my numbers based on an average of 20k in daily volume, today is 2k tho…


The title has been edited…I am ok with that :wink:

Conservative is the better word…put in too much emotions :wink: But still think it is a missed opportunity. The twitter handle is much more powerful than u think based on insights. Using it as voice makes sense even at this stage. It should be used on FB too actually…there are many crypto groups out there. Anyway…I really hope there will be a shift in communications.

There will be, just hang tight :slight_smile: After Dec 26th the doors will be open to public and together with BTC trading things will take off from there. Also for advertizing, I’m sure of that.

Yet Coinbase does not have Tether and they do fine. I doubt if Binance delisted Tether their volume would plummet, people would just switch over to USDC.