H1 2020 Report, 10 October 18:00 UTC – Post your AMA questions here!

Hi, everyone!

The first of our new half-yearly reports for H1 2020 will be streamed online on Saturday, 10 October at 18:00 UTC. The livestream will be available on the Nash YouTube channel. We’ll post the stream link from our Twitter account shortly before the event too.

Please use this thread for your AMA questions. Upvote your favorites and we’ll do our best to answer them.

This thread will be closed on Wednesday at 17:00 UTC.

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The Nash Team


Hi Team,

We are currently running the liquidity beta program. Since this is only the beta, could you tell us a bit more on the liquidity program that will come later for the broader public? Are there already some info available or will it be based on the outcome of the beta liquidity program?

Kind regards,


Hi Team,

Although I get that we can’t have too many pairs on the exchange if we want to have good liquidity for all the pairs but I still miss LTC, DOGE pairs ( maybe BCH)
Are those still in the works? When will these be added? :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Team,

I am greatly interested in “Nash savings”. Care to elaborate how it will work? Will we be able to withdraw our funds anytime or will these be locked for a period? Any idea on the APY?
When can we expect it to go live? (rough ETA :slight_smile: )

Kind regards,


Will Nash add privacy features to the wallet management system so my friends cannot see how much I hold / trade in Nash account ?


I am very interested to find out where the founders believe the industry as a whole will be in a year/ 2 years/ 5 years time? And how is Nash working towards falling in line with this vision?

  1. When can NEX be expected to trade on Nash?

  2. Is it known by which means NEX will be tradable on Nash (and for which countries this will be applicable)?

  3. What does the Nash team think of the possibilities that have recently opened for NEX to be listed at US security dealers (assuming they are blockchain compatible)?

  1. What kind of improvements does the Nash team think currently are missing before parties like MicroStrategy would want to become clients of Nash?

  2. Does Nash consider itself the first to properly target this MicroStrategy-like customer group?

  3. Understandably it is very difficult to say anything with certainty, but does Nash have an estimate of the size of this market of ‘institutional money’?


Nash has taken an approach that offers superior safety and compliance. As stated in the past, this allows Nash to enter markets that other parties cannot. Is the Nash team willing to clarify which markets are meant by this and how this vision may evolve over time, and with it potentially the products that Nash offers as well? Can we for example also see something like decentralised finance mortgages on Nash in the future?

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Does Nash envision itself to potentially set up win-win relationships with for example Paypal, tZERO or one or more other unmentioned parties? I suppose what I am really asking is whether Nash primarily intends to rely on itself for its success or whether it may see itself as the specialist in a niche that it completely dominates which in turn connects to vast array of other companies and technologies.

When can we expect to see MPC wallets for regular Nash accounts? What will this feature look like?


When will we be able to buy Nash merch from the Nash store? Also, will there be a list of merchants using Nash Link so we can support their businesses and use Nash Link?


What upcoming feature/product are you most excited for in the future on Nash?

First of congrats on the recent regulatory achievements by the Nash team! Secondly, when can we expect trading to be available in Canada, other US states where it is currently unavailable, and other countries where the platform is available but trading is not?


Are there plans for a Nash visa card?


Is it possible for Nash to have privacy coins like Monero in the funds management system and/or trading pairs?

I wonder if the trade proposition could disappear from the Nash foreground in near future. Think the ME is truly core essential, but the perfect retail solution seem just too far away from my ignorant POV.

Knowing what Nash learned so far:

  • Thought about abandonning development of trading interface in current form and work only on headless trade and institutional clients seeking regtech solutions ?

With the open-source protocol; Nash could maintain current shape as reference implementation and let retail facing integrations be build by other entities isn’t it ?

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I understand that the liquidity mining program is focusing on getting Nash users to trade.
But what is being done by Nash to attract completely new users to use Nash instead of other platforms like Binance or even Revolut?


Looking at the Nash Link informational page it shows the plugins and integrations as Woo Commerce, Magento, JS, and PHP. Is there plans to have a Shopify plugin?