Gogogo #Nash marketing strategy

One of the best way to get exposure is to join live streams everywhere where is crypto. I just so much believe that we can do it. Just my profile picture is saying everything, the rest is just keep interacting with people and if the question is about Defi and future of finance, them we can say about #Nash. I just think that is better to be gentle in promoting. I haven’t yet seen anyone else with the profile picture like mine on YouTube or Twitter. Let’s do it.

So far in 2 days I got 2 people with the profile picture like mine. I :heart: Nash
I plan to get 20. We can get together way more then that. Go #Nash community, let’s support our favorite project :handshake::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Hi Radu,

You’ve already expressed your idea in this recent thread. Re-creating another isn’t necessary.

I for one am not 100% convinced by the idea: I believe we already have a decent army on social media and if all of us replace our profile picture, we’ll look more like bots than anything.

I’m not saying I would never do it, simply that I’d rather wait for GA and see if it plays well with Nash’s marketing strategy.



We will look like a team like a super cool community, dedicated to support our favorite project. Like police, doctors and any other team with the same uniform. This is my thinking.
I will stop posting this kind of information when I will know that people need only one push to do something. Until then this is my strategy and would be great if #Nash can somehow show who is writing the post before clicking on it so if people are not interested in reading from a specific member, we will just skip it.
Excuse me for the inconvenience but I will stick to my strategy until maybe a better argument is presented or another strategy of helping out my favorite project. Thank you :handshake:

Hmm… you’ve said in a previous post that you wouldn’t want to push your idea onto others?

I don’t think repeating the same idea isuseful. People read you’re first couple of posts, thought about it and made up their mind.

I like your enthousiasm, but rather see updates on your progress in you original post from time to time than you spamming the community in order to convince people to do what you want.

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Ok, you are telling me what to stop :stop_sign: doing. Please tell me what I can do so I can be helpful??? Just some ideas :bulb: ??

You are saying that you like my enthusiasm but still dislike what I do. I am checking every notification and our community is super slow in posting something. Maybe because of being afraid to be criticized? I just feel like I am going to do what I want in a decentralized way, so nobody can stop me. I will consider good suggestions on how I can help but nothing else. Thank you :handshake:

Uhm, for one i think you could report back here (from time to time) how your efforts are going, how people react to you and your message about nash, what kind of hurdles other communities are experiencing using cexes/dexes, that kind of stuff. I would find that interestant, but i don’t need daily updates haha.

You can lead by example instead of trying to convince people to do what you want them to do, you can show them the fruits of your labor.

Nick your profile picture will look much better with this picture:

What do you think?
Is this a better way to invite you?
Jokes aside. Is this a better way to be more oriented toward an individual or toward the community in general???
Thank you :pray:

Putting in my two cents, the pic doesn’t sit well with me. The idea of ‘loving’ a fintech company is strange.

  • First of all, you don’t see bio pics of “I :heart: Amazon/Apple/Google/JP Morgan”. As Oldsport said, this would likely come off as bot-like or shilly if everyone did it with Nash.

  • Nash still isn’t in GA, and it’s not available in my country. Personally, I’m not ready to show full support until I can actually use the product.

  • Product aside, it’s great that you may love Nash’s vision. But that isn’t obvious from a simple bio pic; non Nashers will likely assume you love the product. If they then come here and are met with some limitations that no CEX has, they’ll be left wondering “what’s there to love?”

I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I believe in Nash’s goal, but all in due time. Imo, now isn’t the time for people to declare their love because I think there’s still work to be done. I’m very optimistic for the future though – who knows, maybe a couple years from now I’ll dig up this post and grab your picture to use as my bio!


Show your love trading on Nash. Everything else is just silly.


I have put some stickers on my trash containers. Does that count :joy:

Good points

I am thinking here :face_with_monocle: I am a part of a community that we play online game and in there I changed my name into iLoveNash and my profile picture is I :heart: nash. And people that are more curious are asking what is #Nash??
In short I am telling them that is a crypto company that I love, and then discussions about crypto. Also one of them from the game got in contact with me and I told him about #Nash and he invested because I believe in #Nash
I am just wondering how long it takes for a person from asking a question on what is #Nash?? & to the point when that person is ready to say: let me see what is this company about :face_with_monocle:.
I am not a marketing person and my actions are because I believe in People that are behind the project. I might do it wrong but it is working with brand new people and my friends.
I am not hyped or drugged.
I just believe that the same way people believe in any crypto projects that is based on future potential the same way people will believe in #Nash. Adoption and more coins and more options and so much more is the future that awaits. Why not market on that? Crypto is a big dream, a big hope for people that are living in poor countries, like for example where I am from. I like your point of view but if nobody did it it doesn’t mean that is wrong. Or is it? :grin:
My passion is enough for everybody. I will keep sharing. And one more thing! My method of sharing is very honest I am not playing a game when is about my investments, just wanted you to know :handshake:. Thank you for being part of #Nash for me your reply was helpful.

Show us your trading volume on Nash. If you love it I guess you trade on Nash a lot. And if you DON’T then WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS? image
P.S. That’s how you should love Nash. Then you can change you profile picture every month to: “I traded $$$ this month on Nash”. If we all change our profile pics and won’t be using Nash then WHO is gonna use it?


Happy that you have access to trading platform, what I have access to is Staking. I buy and I stake.
Also your writing in a manner that looks like you are accusing me of being supportive without showing you my numbers. I live in Oregon, USA and still waiting for #Nash to get here.
Do you prefer that I do nothing?
Let’s just keep it for us and not educate others?
People are asking questions when they see the profile picture I :heart: nash, and then I have a chance to talk, also so many more possibilities when you truly believe in the team and the mission. Decentralized Finance for Everyone.
I hold 80% of my crypto on #Nash because is secure and I believe that is true.
I accumulate #Nash since ICO and keep accumulating.
My take on crypto is to buy and hold. I would definitely love to buy straight fron #Nash without needing a VPN to buy from Switcheo.
Buy from coinbase + sent to binance + send to switcheo + sent to nash for storage and staking :face_with_monocle:
This is what I do and have a feeling that there is no need to explain you that but we are in the same team and I respect people that see the value in #Nash
If you think that bringing new people is not enough, I feel like this too, but this is what I can do at the moment.
3 people from this community knocked me down already, i also got my messages blocked by a robot because people voted that I am a spammer.
This is what I got for being active and wanting the best for #Nash
Must be hard for the team to stay focused when surrounded by criticism.
Thank you for your replay :handshake:

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I don’t agree with your strategy, but I also don’t agree with @kazanchev’s “Put up or shut up” strategy.

Zealotry vs total silence is what this debate looks like, and it’s just playing the extremes of the spectrum. It’s possible to meet in the middle.

  • you don’t need a :heart: Nash bio pic (zealotry, bot, shilly)

  • you don’t need to trade thousands of dollars daily (most people don’t have capital for that, others don’t have access)

  • DO seek out Twitter personalities asking for alternatives and name drop Nash. If they ask for a follow up, give them a succinct pitch and direct them to Nash’s great website.

  • DO mention it with friends/family casually. Example, if a discussion ends up in investment territory you could say “There’s this new fintech company I’m excited about” etc. Drop a couple main points (non-custodial, revenue sharing, Nash Pay) and let them gauge its value on their own.

  • DON’T attack people around you urging them to ‘hear the Nash gospel’. People generally hate being force fed anything, and it makes you come off as an uncivilized savage.

  • DO casually ask small local businesses if they would ever accept crypto currency payments. Presumably, most will give you a blank stare. Some may actually give an answer. Don’t mention Nash here, you’re just gathering info. Remember those who give you an answer. When Nash Pay releases, and is ready for onboarding merchants, revisit that business with some good news.

That’s the extent of what I consider worthwhile engagement on behalf of Nash. I realize sitting here shutting down @Radu’s suggestion isn’t helpful if I don’t throw my own input in. Hopefully others can join in to brainstorm creative ideas.

Edit: all this to say, we don’t even know what Nash’s plans are for engagement post-GA. I’m excited to see what they’ve got cooking, and I’m not very concerned about Nash not being flooded throughout social media right now.


We are on the same page, the difference in this is that I expressed myself with a different set of words in a different format.
Thank you for your reply #pplvee :handshake:
Will not post in the community anymore for sometime, Just to not have days like this anymore when I worry too much and thinking if maybe I am wrong and I offend people by inviting to action on my idea. I will go with my heart and my understanding of the crypto space based on what I believe to be true.
I agree with you #pplvee about promoting strategy. Will just add some more to it.

dude ur fine post as u like

im hitting bitcoin meetups and getting a few conversions … thats one way. obviously not the mass effect of click thrus. (although im cautious about using refferal links)

im gonna get off my ass and try and write a half decent medium article on my own investment thesis regarding Nash