Great idea to promote #Nash

I have noticed that people that are influencers don’t like when you tell them about some project. They say if it is good I will notice it, and because we talk about it is probably not too good. Makes no sense but the Idea is for all of us to USE THE SAME PICTURE THAT REPRESENTS YOU ON Twitter and other social media that is saying:
I :heart: nash
With this we just could comment on anything and be seen without even meaning to be seen :grinning:. Just make sure to leave good comment on other people’s projects so they start interacting and noticing your logo that is : I :heart: nash
I just feel that this is a great idea to be seen everywhere we leave a comment and to really give people space they need in order to decide for themselves but still to have a good impression by discussing whatever is the topic and the same time promoting #Nash
Thank you :blush:


I brought that forward at the beginning of Nash but the timing is more suitable now.If we want to help simply and effectively it is very simple we replace our profile with the Nash logo for 3/6 months. It doesn’t cost anything but it works!

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Good idea. But maybe wait until NashCash is launched? Then go full beast mode?

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We just need to be present and spread the love. The time is now and just keep giving. My message to crypto influencers is:
#Nash love’s you crypto dreamers
This And a small comment on what the topic is in the video.
I don’t force anyone in doing anything.

You are right, but that kind of people only believe in money, so if you want their support they just need to get paid. Like some hot girls on Instagram i dont know.

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