Gamification of Nash League

So I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine who is also invested in Nash and participated in the Nash league and I was talking about some of the ideas that I have heard from the community regarding Nash League Season 2 and gamification. This brought us to brainstorming about how we would go about gamifying the competition to make it into an actual game we would like to play. For this example I am only going to be talking about individual trader’s accounts and not team trading. I was inspired by Torghast from World of Warcraft.

  • Points - Instead of going by dollars of volume generated we go by points. For every 1 dollar of volume generated it is equal to 1 point.

  • Levels - Traders can individually level up their account when they reach higher threshholds. Every 5 levels they can unlock a perk

  • Perks - (This is where it gets fun) When you unlock a perk you can choose on a skill tree special perks that can give you bonuses to your trading. Ex: Risk Taker-100% bonus to points when trading on a pair with under one million volume. Heres Comes the Money - 20% bonus to points when a trade generates profit. HODL - If you have over 25,000$ in Nash Wallet you get a 5% bonus on all points. Sage - Forgo a perk in order to get two 10 levels from now. (These are all just some of the ideas)

  • Skill Trees - Skill trees for those who arent familiar is the idea that perks will lead to different branches. So if you sink enough points into the risk taker tree you get better bonuses down the tree. This is an idea that doesn’t actually have to be utilized, because other roguelikes also go the way of RNG (chance).

  • RNG - This comes down to classifying perks into categories. Commons, rare, epic, legendary. Where receiving a legendary perk option would be the most difficult probability to get on level up. In order to balance this out every 10-15 levels you are guaranteed three epics to choose from.

These are just some game ideas that rely on the fun that is involved in theory crafting builds and personalizing your trading experience. Do you use a bot? Do you trade high volume amounts in individual trades? Do you like being risky or safe? And theory crafting is incredibly fun for gamers. I would love to hear feedback on this, as well as other gamification ideas for the Nash League.


Great post and some good ideas. I personally like the ticket system in which you collect tickets for various activities. I suggested that a focus for these activities is not volume but obtaining new users (referrals) and volume generated by those new users. We need to expand userbase with actual traders, not just people that would register and do nothing.

I would suggest copying your post in official thread for season 2 suggestions so that the Nash guys have easier time looking through all proposals in one place;

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