GA plans for increased market activity / better optics for first time users

Nash recently listed 2 new markets USDT/USDC & ANT/BTC in addition to the recent Quant listing. As GA approaches I’m looking forward to see an increase in daily activity, above @canesin has explained the reason for a lack of activity in the QNT/ETH & QNT/USDC markets i.e. waiting on their team to provide the necessary liquidity I hope that’s not too far away.

We’re expecting many eyeballs and first-time users post GA, it currently doesn’t look great to see the lack of activity on all pairs with the exception of USDC/BTC and even for the USDC/BTC market activity/trading is sporadic at best, depending on the time of day, maintenance etc…

I think one of the other goals for GA should be to have consistent trading on all existing markets in the same way USDC/BTC does when the liquidity provider/s are active, as a first time user visiting the exchange only to see a whole bunch of inactive markets doesn’t look great and makes Nash less sticky as a platform. It doesn’t make sense to start an advertising push only to have users to come and see an empty inactive market.

I’m aware that the team probably has something planned in this regard just thought I’d make a post to see if they might shed some light on what’s planned or if the community has any additional thoughts.