Free NEX Price Prediction

Hi Guys,

The topic “At what price are you likely to sell your NEX?” has by far the most Replies.

So, probably everyone wants to know how people think about the price. That’s why I made a NEX price prediction, where you can predict the NEX price for the 17th of June 2019.

Win: NEX tokens and a NEX Mug.

Fill out the form before the 10th of March 2019.




it really depends…if bulls takes over the crypto market before nash launch…the prediction will be whole way higher than the current market predictions…i would say nash would be worth anything around $40-50 in a bull market.

hmm I :heart: bullmarket,
get your name on the scoreboard :wink:

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You can predict all you want.At the end of the day ,only 5% hold and see 100X…All others don’t wait,weak hands.

Yea it’s true in a bull run price predictions will be on a whole new level price should be in the 30-50$ range easily.

I want that Mug! :smiley:

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@anon73805886 Realistic is not a word to be used in crypto imo. Crypto doesnt talk about realistic prices here, this is not traditional stock market where you value a business entirely based on market cap.

Lets see if wisdom of the crowd works in this case, or that people perhaps over/underestimate.

The average is around 8 dollars right now

If Dentacoin can do 1.6 billion I am sure NEX will do more on a bull market haha :smiley:

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Good calculation, the average is $7,98

A good way to start on the 17th of June!

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15-20$ . Nex to moon !!

This is fun. Over 200 participants. Great fun idea :+1:

I think I missed the entry (

yeah, sorry man, you missed it.