Fiat on ramps (EUROPE & others)

Well, there’s at least 1 provider, since I wired some cash to coinbase again.
( took less then 5 minutes to get the cash into my coinbase account, comming from my Belgian Bank account )
Based on the BIC info, it’s this one:
BIC / Swift Code LHVBEE22 is the unique bank identifier for AS LHV PANK 's head office branch located in TALLINN - ESTONIA and it’s used to verify financial transactions such as a bank wire transfers (international wire transfers).

hope it helps.

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We’re currently working on new integrations and will broadly disclose them as soon as they are ready.


nice one

Have a look into these guys if you’re still looking for partners, @ethan @canesin


one of our wallet competitors (not a large one like coinbase) but is registered in USA and follows their law as a priority has these fiat on-ramps… just sayin

British pounds (GBP)
Japanese yen (JPY)
US dollars (USD)
Singapore dollars (SGD)
New Zealand dollars (NZD)
Chinese yuan (CNY)
Polish zloty (PLN)
Swiss franc (CHF)
Euros (EUR)
Mexican pesos (MXN)
Brazilian real (BRL)
Canadian dollars (CAD)
Hong Kong dollars (HKD)
Philippine peso (PHP)
Danish krone (DKK)
Indian rupee (INR)
Australian dollars (AUD)
Kenyan shillings (KES)
Israeli shekel (ILS)
Argentine peso (ARS)
Swedish krona (SEK)
Norwegian krone (NOK)
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

Great to see that NashCash if live now :+1:
Did you have a look into Fidor Bank and do you have any information if this is an option for Nash as well, @canesin . This is a huge plus for Kraken being able to make instant bank transfers (sepa) via Fidor. I would really love that.

Hi @Kwicks we are always working with our banking partners to improve services, they are the ones that provide data regarding settlement.


Great to hear that you are already working with them. It would be amazing news not only to have 0% fees on NashCash but also instant SEPA transfer if one has a Fidor banking account.
Fingers crossed that we will be able to use this soon. :wink:


I am still not able to see Nash Cash for Bulgaria, I guess there are some restrictions for us ?

Any issues enabling Nash Cash for Isle of Man? Often IoM gets overlooked as it is not part of UK, but shares all banking etc with UK making it pretty straightforward.