Can we say MVP is 99.99% ready?

Continuing the discussion from Equilibrium feedback: Exchange:


MVP is fully defined in UX and features (a process known as Beta Freeze).

it means the trading platform has zero bugs left. No crashing anymore on the trading platform like our feedback users have commented.

Are we there yet? @canesin

its getting interesting… :grin:


I think: yes, Nash is ready for 99 %.
Looking for the last license maybe, ‘Trade a security’… I don’t know. Hope we can go Live before the 17th of June, if everything is ready :wink:


if its so, then the equilibrium we have now is not really how the MVP will feel like. really excited to see how its like.

Theory: the beta was just a way to keep the community calm and patient, while the competitors think they are lacking behind in speed and bug fixing.


Cant wait to buy more NEX tokens in nash!!! Fingers crossed✌🏻

Seems they are very close. I see the posts on the feedback thread decreasing too, maybe as they implement the changes?

Agree, just waiting for the last last last License :wink:

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I hope so. The beta was far from perfect. I couldn’t even test the last version because stuff was not working.

umm… 99% is a lot… it’s still a couple months away :wink: Look at the feedback from the beta and you’ll see the team’s still working their hynies off