Ends the Referral Program still on 17 june? ;-)

Hi dear Nash team, I just wanted to ask if the end of the referal program (17 June) is still in plan or if there are already plans to postpone it. I’m just asking because I’m really looking forward to the MVP :wink:

Thanks to the whole Nash team for the great work :slight_smile:

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What should be the meaningfulness of this vote?

Or do you just want to show the team that you do not believe in them? Or why do you think that it shifts?

IMAO; Equilibrium is nearly 50% finished MVP product.
There is no way they can deliver in three weeks a good MVP unless they are much much much further developed then Equilibrium shows. Even placing orders go weird sometimes. Thats kinda core functionality for an exchange isnt it ?

Do you really think that what you see in the beta is the current state of the functional stand of the backend? I can not imagine that for the sake of the best. I think what we see is purely to show what the frontend looks like. Not more.

That’s why all the problems with the trades. The right backend works ON-chain and the beta backend not know from which I conclude that there come the problems. But that’s just my assumption :wink:

Sorry for my bad english :smiley:

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Your english is fine. dont worry :smiley:
Sure I hope they have faster performane in the real system. Maybe they record all trades from Equilibrium in some sort of FIX protocol language and then replay in their real trading engine… Either way they need to collect performance data. At least thats what I thought betas were for.

Will know in three weeks were we at I guess.
And I do believe in the team. No doubt they made all considerations needed. Yet I can only judge from my eyeballs. I see 45% finished MVP. Thats 55% left to surprise me. And I love surprises :gift_heart:

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Okay, I agree with you. If we go after what we see in the beta that is not even 45% :wink: But I think we will be very surprised :-D. I do not think that it will take another 3 weeks, because you also need time to activate your tickets :wink:

But only if the 17 june as appointment remains.

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The optimist in me thinks the date stands and the first wave of users on MVP will be trading before June 17th: FCC wrote “all our timelines continue to be the same” here:

The pessimist in me is sees item #17 in the Terms and Conditions and thinks they can move it back:

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving prior notice to participants. If these Terms and Conditions are modified, we will update the “Last Modified Date” and any changes will be effective upon posting


Maybe Fabio or someone from the Nash team can tell us if it stays on 17 June :wink:

I still can not enter so I do not think he’s ready for June …

Wow … What a great conclusion :sweat_smile:

So can the nash team shed some light if the contest is extended or what? Its kind of close to end date ?? @canesin @ethan @carla


Nobody seems to reply. :thinking:

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What do you really want to tell us? Originally the thread was there to see if the referral program is on 17 June or if it will be postponed. But unfortunately you get no response from the team. But that surely is because they are very busy :slight_smile:

Hi, would like to push this cause i still don’t see any answer.

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I do not think that we get an answer :frowning:

If there is no communication it means the plan stays… i think i see it somewhere in this forum.

But that would also mean that they would announce the start in the next few days. Since you also need time to activate the tickets. :thinking:


Highly doubtful the referral date deadline changes imo based on everything I have seen.