Does anyone know what time Nash will launch?

I was wondering if the delay in launch is due to the data migration or because they wish to launch at a very specific time in a certain time zone. (I say delay because there are only 7 hours left on the 23rd where I’m at, sorta thought I’d wake up and log onto Nash) That’s the only info we have now

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Thank you. Still wondering what the wait is for. Maybe some technical issue came up.

still 1.5 hours to go for Aug 23rd to end as per PST

still 60 minutes to go. But if they don’t launch today, they must have some technical issues, better launch good, than launch with a bad exchange that doesn’t work…

Still waiting for the update from team @carla @ethan @canesin for the update for launch according to PST , it’s 11:00 pm rt now but still waiting. Please update

Year 2200

So they have officially missed the Aug 23rd deadline!

It is still the 23rd here in Honolulu!

Yes it is and I’m thankful to live here.

Hi team, obviously something delayed the launch. That is nothing to worry about IMO since anything that can go wrong will go wrong according to Murphy. But I would like to make a suggestion: just a little bit of communication (maybe only to community?) will create a lot of goodwill. Thanks!


Dudes…always in the last second??? Come on…this is frustrating. Please at least comunicate if there are any issues. Does the AWS problem affects nash also?? What is happenig?


Its midnight dude. Let them sleep! I am sure tomorrow morning we will have some communication

U’re joking, right?? The launch waited for 2 years now and you are telling me that they are sleeping…lol

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It’s not midnight for many of the people that work for Nash.

Nash has lost trust …

No I am not joking. Do you expect them to reply at midnight

This is the latest update from the team . Please check and let’s wait according to it. Screenshot_20190824-132228__01|277x500

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Not for me atleast. Delays like this are pretty normal. In Honolulu it is still Friday even :smiley: I am sure it will be clearly communicated once everything is in order what caused the delay. The team is pretty transparent.

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Who us telling you ? 1 can trust but thousands will not…