Decentralization in expressing yourself!

I feel that is wrong that a less educated person on a specific subject, gets banned by a highly educated person :confused:. Confronting uneducated question, helps in educating those who are watching and assuring, that I am accepted even if I am not perfect.
The entire crypto space is a big fear based, mixed with uncertainty and doubts. Our role is to be loving and accepting those confused and give them the certainty that they are looking for :hugs:.
The decentralized world where equality and transparency is of highest value. Also respect for someones opinions even if they are wrong they can be expressed and addressed in order to see a different point of view and help people get their fear aside because #Nash is the community that will accept you the way you are(uneducated, uninformed, passionate, ugly or sick, beautiful or strong ) everyone is welcome.
Thank you :handshake:

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Don’t really know what you are referring to or what you want :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::roll_eyes:.

Post from Development section placed one day ago. This is what I am referring to. :handshake:

Then cite that post please and put things into perspective. You create confusion otherwise.

I didn’t think about that. Will do it next time when I write a post. Thank you :handshake:

This is the subject that I am referring to: Frontend developer left Nash

This poster has a history of spreading FUD and was already banned from the unofficial Telegram group for that reason. They even confirmed in the linked thread that their intention was to be sarcastic with the admins. They’re clearly not trying to participate in discussions in good faith. As Fabio pointed out, they could have phrased their questions differently.

Even if such a poster were well intentioned but simply naïve (for instance, in their choice of tone), functionally they are the same as a malicious account. They were given enough chances here and elsewhere to prove their good intentions and instead persisted in causing trouble.

This has also been the case with a couple of other users who say they are “promoting discussion”, despite being warned multiple times that they are raising unjustified concerns and promoting a negative image of Nash in prominent channels. These users are functionally the same as malicious accounts, even if they may not intend to be. They are given enough chances and dealt with appropriately.

Ok, that was not an uneducated innocent post. It was a desperate way of FUD as Fabio explained. No need to discuss such posts over and over again. We should spend our free time on stuff that can have positive impact on us and others.

In my opinion this is the stuff that have positive impact on me. I learned that: —Every #Nash team member signs a NDA with non-compete clause, so no David nor any of the several ex-team members of Nash can start a competitor or use Nash IP.
—Also I loved the way Fabio handled it.
—This gave me more confidence in the project, not less.

I hear you when you are saying that this person was FUD oriented, still he\she staked #Nash to be here and deserved the right to express whatever bothered him/her.
Also I didn’t talked to this person in order to understand his/her motive behind the post.
Overall POSITIVE IMPACT on my opinion about #Nash
Thank you :handshake:

My process of making my decision:
-what to focus on?
-what does this mean?
-what I am going to do about it?
3 responses:
-fix it
-accept it
-leave it

-So I focused on the post
-The post means that the person is fearful. (In my opinion)
-I am going to provide the necessary information in order to assist the person that is fearful in the best way possible based on my knowledge at the moment. ( fix it )

Also everybody’s decisions on how to deal with anything is their own choice. And I tend to agree with people that show a caring attitude towards people.

Thank you :handshake:

dude this is quality trolling

I want to help, and hopefully I am doing it right :handshake: (my intentions are good)