Frontend developer left Nash

I noticed that one of the frontend developers, David, has just left Nash.
Even though Nash is still in the MVP stage, was there a conflict within the team for a frontend developer to leave?

Please tell us.

Could he also be planning a project similar to Nash’s?

Like when Gavin went out to the Ethereum and developed Polkadot…

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Where did you find that info ?
Maybe he went for bigger paycheck!?

David was not a “core dev” but a team member and frontend developer. I’ve changed the title of this thread because it’s misleading – as is the analogy with Gavin and Polkadot, since he was a founder.

It is normal for startups to have churn as people hit vesting. This isn’t a sign of any conflict within the team.

Please refrain from trying to spread FUD about Nash.


Sorry about that. I thought he was a core developer because Nash’s official twitter account used to follow him on twitter.

So am I correct in assuming that the only people that Nash’s official account follows are founders and front-end developers?

The comments are so off that I don’t know if you are being serious or doing a low quality sarcasm? Nash twitter following someone doesn’t mean anything - most of the times is just to give visibility to followers for people that want to be active in twitter. Either way I will address your fear here because others could be reading.

We are happy David is not in Nash anymore, we don’t get sorry when someone leave Nash - we celebrate it. I hope he goes on to have higher positions and maybe found his own startup. Before David several others have left Nash, we are still growing so more people has joined than left.

There is no “core developer” in Nash, there team members and founders. In the specific case of David he had just started to learn how to code, if not mistaken was his first or second year as a frontend dev, when he first contributed in COZ. He was a great fit as a contributor to Neon wallet - naturally he was invited to join as a early team member in Nash, as a Jr. frontend. Now as times passes Nash like any startup is maturing, workload is high and payout in stake is lower, so David decided it was time for him to move on - and when that happens is better for both company and team member. I hope that Nash helped he learn and become a better developer so he can continue to grow in his career.

Regarding the absurd Gavin, Ethereum, Polkadot fud. Gavin was a founder, creator of the EVM. And on Nash every team member signs a NDA with non-compete clause, so no David nor any of the several ex-team members of Nash can start a competitor or use Nash IP.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.
The NDA makes us feel safe.

My statement is a bit sarcastic.

We don’t have a lot of insight into the working environment within the NASH team.
We can only rely on Gitlab, Github, the blog, Twitter, and a few other sources to guide us.

So when an official Twitter page suddenly unfollows someone, it’s not surprising that some of you might wonder what happened.

Isn’t this the kind of official forum we have to solve those questions?

I think team should rethink a little bit about saying FUD! FUD! every time I ask a question.

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FYI, this post ended up on /r/Nash (reddit community, unofficial) as a FUD attempt. Regardless of your motives, this type of information can spread quickly – it’s low hanging fruit for FUD spreaders.

I don’t really think we need to be updated when Nash Twitter unfollows someone other than a core founder. Seems like non-news and just business as usual for a startup.


I don’t know which other times you are referring but what you tried here is FUD, FUD means fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

You demonstrated and instigated fear by putting doubt on the significance of someone leaving the team, put doubt under it using as justification how Nash follows on Twitter and raised uncertainty about he potentially starting a competitor. None of those things are justified.

You could have asked this differently instead of doing that. In no moment any team member was called to be a “core dev”. And if you didn’t know any of those things in specific as you now say things could be way different.

Why not actually ask what you don’t know? It could have been:

I noticed David has left Nash, could you guys clarify what was his role in the project and what are the chances of people leaving the company compromise the company intellectual property?

But that is not what you did, you FUDed. So since you do confirm your intention was indeed to be sarcastic on the response I am banning you an closing the thread. The rules of the community are clear, one should respect team and other community members at all times in this forum.