Company re-structuring

Dear investors,

As we enter in 2021 I’m pleased to announce that Nash is establishing an official CEO position as part of our internal reorganization. We believe this will help us improve efficiency by moving away from a board voting process.

Initially Fabian and Ethan will act as Co-CEO as they work to define a long term candidate for the position.



Are you considering external candidates or is this position expected to be ‘taken’ from one of the founders (long term)?
Regards, J.


Thank you Canesin for keeping us informed!
I completely agree with this move.

JustUS askes a very interesting quesiton and I would love to hear your thoughts.


Awesome! :+1:

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Although I am certain you guys can run the company yourselves, I support this decision because bringing a proven manager with industry connections can help Nash tremendously. Since Nash focuses on regulatory compliance and adoption from mainstream industry I think it would actually be best for CEO to be from the mainstream finances, not from crypto.


Amazing! Great decision

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Pleased to hear ! Full support here. Wish them best of luck finding good CEO match.

Are we looking forward to layoffs or is teams -spawning and -expanding still realistic outlook ?

Guess we will find organization chart in H1/H2 report then… :heart:

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Many people might desire an older, experienced individual for this role. And I see individuals on TG commenting that it should not be one of the founders. Which may be true based on skillsets (founders are devs) and it is also true for the case of keeping the original founders aligned and not having a falling out (worst outcome). So yes, we should not want the any of the founders as a CEO, we’d like you all to stay friends.

BUT, the CEO in my opinion, should share the same passion for the vision of the project, just like the founders and community. So whoever it ends up being, I hope they share a passion like us, along with all the other desires one would want in a CEO. Decisive Execution and Passion


Good luck!!

someone with experience please!

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I am glad that you guys took this decision, I hope to give you more time to do what you like.

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Sounds great think a classic CEO structure is better for the PR and looks great for classic investors.


It would be interesting to incorporate someone from the market with institutional relations, in case no one from the team occupies the position of course.


I was the CEO of a company for a few years and I was not passionate or love the company, I just did my job.

Being CEO allows you to lead the company in the long term, even make decisions that will affect the company when you are no longer there, passion is for things not related to the business, if they tell me that the CEO has passion for Nash I would tell them that we started badly You should not even be an investor in the company, since your decisions affect your investments and that can lead you to make bad decisions.

The team is intelligent, I imagine that the founders will know how to analyze a profile well and make a good decision.

Trump will be available in a few days, if you want to consider it …

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The company just entered GA.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Unironically though, with his following he would skyrocket Nash first day as CEO! :wink:

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Hahaha not without his Twitter account

Good stuff! Let’s grow this company we all love. :blue_heart:

I trust the team will make the best decision regardless of what I think I might know.
But I don’t agree that passion is a bad thing. Passionate about their job and company can only be a good thing.
Are you telling me Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Henry Ford didn’t have passion? A passionate CEO is a Passionate company.

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Alright, this cracked me up :joy:

Like your write up but I disagree on the passion part. A passionate CEO will be a bonus. It will be tricky finding someone as/more passionate about Nash than the founders but I think it’s doable. Or one of them could play the role.

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