Company re-structuring

What I would do is offer a fixed salary for some top-dog CEO and correlate it with monthly volume milestones.

Not a bad idea, but I’d hate to encounter another Brad Garlinghouse situation (Ripple lawsuit).

Surely the prerequisite would be for CEO to respect some basic principles that Nash if founded upon like regulatory compliance which means no listings of security tokens without a proper license or regulatory dubious altcoins, not giving up on existing KYC/AML procedures and keeping up to date with new crypto regulations.

Very excited, I think it’s a logical next step for Nash.

Community, let’s try our best not to go down the rabbit hole with this. I’ve already seen on Telegram stuff like “there must have been infighting, I wonder who’s leaving.”

It’s a call to hire a CEO. Leave it at that.


Good advice :+1:

If every Nash user was to actually trade on it and invited one new user, our volume would be in the Uniswap teritorry. Our efforts are much better spent in promoting Nash and onborarding new users than dealing with rumours and unproductive discussions. I don’t care even if it’s all true, that’s not something I have any influence over. My focus is over the things I can contribute and bring something to the table, not petty talk. I urge everybody to think like that and ask themselves what can they do to improve Nash in some way.

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I’m excited, thanks for taking this step Nash will become a true fintech company :boom::boom:

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Any update on this? Does Nash have a new CEO or are Ethan and Fabian new CEO’s for the foreseeable future?

I don’t have any information on this, but I would say it’s safer to assume looking for a new CEO is a long-term objective. The new organisation under Ethan and Fabian as co-CEOs is working very well in the meantime.