Community update: New login, 1 NEX stake to post

Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce our new Nash Community login system is live!

Community accounts have been integrated with the main Nash platform. If your Community email address matches the address used by your Nash account, you’ll now be able to log in directly. Simply change your email address on the Community and you’ll be good to go!

The fastest way to migrate your account is:

  1. Change your Nash Community email to the email address used by your account.
  2. Log out of the Nash Community.
  3. Log back in to the Nash Community. You’ll see the new login system.

With this new system comes another change: members must have staked at least 1 NEX for 24 months in order to post.

If you’re not sure how to stake NEX, check out our guide here.

Best wishes,
The Nash Team


Well done! Just logged in with my phone :slight_smile:


Great job, was already waiting for this :slight_smile:

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Great! Using it now on my phone I was always reading the forum but because of the extension I didnt use it. By the way open the email on your browser with the nash extension if you open it on your phone it will not work.

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Awesome! Welcome everyone! :smiley:
I hope this forum can continue to welcome great ideas and initiatives while our community grows and helps Nash reach new heights! :blue_heart:


Now this has been integrated i have made a post :smile: lets keep the pace with the updates and move to GA ASAP - News from Bakkt today regarding wallets coming soon also integrating with Google pay and apple pay and vouchers company rewards. Nash really need to go flat out to move to GA and then start advertising, on board uses and create sum stickiness.
I believe nash can do it … :smile:

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Glad this was opened up!

Competition is good. People need to know that there is an alternative to the classic system. In the face of the competition I believe we stand a very good chance. Our value proposition is stronger than most and while we are not very large our time will come!

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Hi @carla , can I always leave the session open on the PC or must it always be started by security with our email, password and 2FA to be more calm with our sensitive data?

Awesome! This should allow more people to easily participate in the community forum now :slight_smile:

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The session for the community is longer @magic, so you can logout from the exchange and will still be logged in on the community. :smiley:… this should make participating in the forum frequently fairly secure.


Hi dear @canesin, so can I always have my session open in the community and not have to worry?

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Great logged in. This is my first comment on the community!


This is great!! My first post as part of this community!!


This is a great step in the right direction!


Great! Finaly I can be part of this community forum as well too and wherever I am :slight_smile:

good job! First post as well.


Slow and steady but the exchange is improving everyday :slight_smile: Really hated the extension last time, glad that now the log in system is integrated with the exchange itself.

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:ok_hand:t2: well done guys!


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excellent worked by team

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